Clean Master For PC Free Download 3 Methods Explained

Clean Master For PC is the app you need to remove all the junk files out of your computer. There are optimizers present by default in the smartphones, but they are not so much helpful. They cannot stop the apps from running in the background. Clean Master for PC is a phone optimizing app developed by Cheetah Mobile.

Clean Master For PC Download

Clean Master for PC is a low space consuming app which can solve all your problems related to the storage space, battery draining, and RAM consumption. You may have thought that it can be like another app that promises to keep your device clean and healthy.

Clean Master For PC Features

It has tons of features for optimizing your device and also for privacy protection. Just go through the next section to explore the characteristics of Clean Master in detail.

Junk Cleaner- Clean Master for PC can clean the junk present in your phone’s storage space just in one click. It will scan your phone’s storage space with every log files, unsupported files, apps cache files and show them to you and you can decide further that you want to keep the files or remove them from your device.

Antivirus- Clean Master for PC provides you with an inbuilt antivirus so that you don’t have to download it. This antivirus works in a very efficient manner and also keeps your device free from virus.

Phone Boost- It is among the best functions of the app. By clicking on the boost button, Clean Master for PC will clean the RAM by closing the unused apps that were consuming the battery and also by boosting the phone battery life is increased.

Duplicate File Cleaner: It is one of the best features of Clean Master for PC. By using this feature, you can search for the duplicate images on your phone, and the app will find the exact identical photos that are consuming the space on your phone. If you wish you can clean them or you may also keep them.

Battery Saver- Clean Master for PC, has perfect battery saver which enhances the battery life of your phone and also prevents the apps from running in the background.

Clean Master for PC

Charge Master- It can enhance the charging speed of the phone by closing the background app.

Safe Browser- Clean Master for PC has its browser which you find in the app itself.

Whatsapp Cleaner- Whatsapp can take unnecessary space, but you can manage it by using this feature.

App Lock- You can personalize the apps with app lock to prevent anyone from using the app.

Clean Master PC has tons of more features, and you can explore them by using this app. If you want to know how you can get Clean Master for your device you just have to go through the next paragraph.

Clean Master For PC Download

You can Download Clean Master for PC in numerous ways. Here we have mentioned some of the means by which you can get Clean Master for PC. Before you move further for download I think you should check Snapseed For PC and KIK for PC application for your Windows PC.

Method 1 – Official Site

Clean Master for PC has officially released the PC version of the app. You can just visit the website and Clean Master free Download, or you can also click on the below link to download it:

  1. It will initiate the download, and in some time the file will be downloaded.
  2. Once you have downloaded the file just double-click the file to install it.
  3. Once it is installed, you can start it form the icon created on the home screen or also from the start menu bar.

Clean Master PC Download

Method 2 – Bluestacks

Clean Master for PC is available for Android devices. If in case the previous method doesn’t work for you then you can use the following manner. You can use BlueStacks; it is an android emulator which can virtualize an android device on your PC. To download Clean Master for PC in the BlueStack either you can go through the below mentioned link, or you can just download it from the Play Store that is available in BlueStacks by default.

  1. To install the BlueStacks on your PC just go through the following steps:
  2. Download the appropriate version of the BlueStacks for your PC.
  4. You will get the .exe file on your system downloaded.
  5. Open that file and within few seconds BlueStack will be installed on your PC.
  6. Now run BlueStacks.
  7. Open Play Store and type Clean Master in the search bar.
  8. Click on install to download Clean Master for PC.

Method 3 – Nox

If due to any problem BlueStacks does not work on the system then you have got another choice. Nox is an android emulator specially design for gaming. It gives the best gaming experience. To install Clean Master for PC download Nox and then follow similar steps like Bluestacks.

How to Use Clean Master For PC?

Using Clean Master for PC is a work of a rookie. It has very simple and guiding UI. To use the features just go through the following steps:

Antivirus- To scan your PC for a virus you can find the option of Antivirus right on the home screen of the app.

Duplicate File Cleaner: To clear the duplicate files to go to Tools section and click on Photo Cleaner. It will find the duplicate photos from your PC.

Battery Saver- To switch on the Battery Saver option you just have to click the option of Battery Saver on the home page of the app.

Safe Browser- To browse in the Clean Master’s secure browser go to the Tools section and there you can find the option of Safe Browsing.

App Lock- To protect you computer file you can safeguard them by locking the data using Clean Master for PC. To enable this feature just click on the tab Privacy Protection in the left bar. Clean Master will tell you to set up passwords and choose files to safeguard.

PC Boost- This feature will free up the RAM by stopping all the additional application that starts right on the startup. To enable this feature just click PC Boost in the left bar and click on Boost. It will take time, and it will ask you to stop some application.

Clean Master free Download

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1- How can I get the Professional version of the Clean Master for PC?

Answer 1- To get the professional version you can either visit Clean Master’s official site or you can also get the option in Clean Master for PC app installed on your PC.

Question 2- Do Clean Master PC has the refund policy?

Answer 2- Yes, they do have refund policy which is valid for 30 days after the day of purchase. If you do like the product, then you can ask them for the refund.

Question 3- How can I recover my locked files if I forget the password?

Answer 3- There is no way that you can recover the password. There is an option Forgot Password, if you choose it, then all your password and private files will be cleaned.

Question 4- Can I recover the deleted browsing history after I have closed the browser?

Answer 4- Browsing history once deleted from the browser cannot be recovered again. Clean Master for PC is not capable of this. If you want to save any history or bookmarks, then click the icon of the corresponding browser in Browser section and choose to ignore all in pop up window.

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