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iMessage on PC is a new age It has many facilities and features to its users which include the app store, safari browser and many more. iMessage for PC is a Messaging app for iPhone which does not use your service charges. It can be run with message app of iPhone. While on iPad there is the only iMessage for Windows available.

imessage on PC

iMessage on PC Features

Versatile: This app is available for all the Apple Devices. You can use it on iPhones, iPads, Apple watches. You can also use it to connect with your non-iPhone friends with the same app.

Share media and more: This app lets you share media files such as pictures, videos, audios and much more. You can also share your real-time location with your friend. This app also lets you share document files a.

Effects: This app lets you customize itself using effects. Some default effects are already present. Snapseed for PC is a perfect app for testing effects and tools.

Sync your messages: iMessage on Windows provides the feature to sync your messages with your email. This feature helps you in recovering your message from any device and if your phone is stolen or broken.

Conventional switching: If you don’t have a good internet connection then this app allows you to use default messaging services to send the texts. This features maintains the communication between 2 persons and is very useful in certain situations.

Group chat: This app is not just like the standard messaging app that just allows you to have peer to peer connection. You can have a group chat, i.e., simultaneous chat between more than two people.

Stickers: You can use iMessage Stickers to express yourself in your message. There are hundreds, of stickers available to use. If you wish to use external stickers packages, then you can Download iMessage PC from the app store, and it will automatically sync into your messages.

Use reactions: Reactions are the emotion that generates after reading the message of your friend. Apple provides you with some reactions like a heart; a thumbs up, a thumbs down, a “Ha Ha: laugh, a pair of exclamation points and a question mark.

Animations: iMessage on PC app provides you with the feature of sending animations. This means that you can send your message with various effects that can alter both your chat and background of how it will appear to the user.

How to Install iMessage on PC

iMessage PC is an iOS app and Apple do not provide its android and windows version. So to use iMessage on Windows/PC you have to download iOS simulator. There are many simulators available in the market, but the most versatile is iPadian.

iPadian Method

This gives you the exact look and feel of iOS and also provides the inbuilt, features of iOS like Siri, iMessage on PC, etc. You can download this emulator from the following link:

Now I assume that you have downloaded iPadian. Now to install it follow the following steps:

1)    Double-click the .exe file that you have downloaded.

2)    After the installation process, run the emulator.

3)    Completing the various formalities, the emulator will be set up.

4)    Now search iMessage on PC in the search bar and then double-click to launch it.

5)    Now your iMessage on PC is set up. Now go through the next topic to know how to use iMessage on PC.

iMessage for Windows

Bluestacks Method

If you have used any android emulator software, then you may have heard about Bluestacks. Bluestacks lets you install and use applications of Android. To set up iMessage on PC on your PC just follow these steps:

Download Bluestacks

  1. I assume that you have downloaded the Bluestacks app and is currently going to install it. Follow the following steps to set up Bluestacks:
  2. Open the package you have downloaded by double-clicking it.
  3. No, install it as usual.
  4. After the installation open iMessage for Windows.
  5. You have to sign in it using your Google id (Gmail). Fill all the credentials and tap login.
  6. Your Bluestacks is ready to use.

Now you have got iMessage on PC/Windows, and you can use it for messaging. If you had any problem with Bluestacks not installing on your PC, or not running, then you have got other options too, to use iMessage for Laptop on your PC. Just go to the next topic to know the other options to get iMessage Download on PC .

How to Use iMessage on PC

iMessage Download for PC is a very versatile and interactive user app so you can quickly figure it out how to use iMessage on PC. But still, I will explain how you can use iMessage on Windows. Follow the following steps:

  1. Tap the Messages app button to open it.
  2. Go to the settings and toggle the iMessage on PC button.
  3. Now you have to make your Apple ID. If you already have it then just log in.
  4. Now tap on the compose button that is in the top right corner.
  5. Just write your message and click the send button.
  6. If you want to attach a media file, then there is a camera button in the bottom left corner. Tap it, and there you can choose which media you want to send. Now tap on the media you want to add it your message. Now it is attached to your message, and you can send it just like other messages.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1- Does iMessage on PC count as SMS or data?

Answer 1- iMessage for PC works with the internet connection, so it counts your information, not as SMS.

Question 2- How can I send iMessage on PC to my non-iPhone friend?

Answer 2- iMessage on PC is only available for Apple users. So your friends cannot use iMessage on PC if they are not using any Apple smart device.

Question 3- Can I change address associated with iMessage on PC?

Answer 3- Yes, you can change the address associated with iMessage on PC.

Question 4- How do I delete iMessage Sticker packs from my iPhone?

Answer 4- You can remove a sticker pack from your App Drawer.

Question 5- Why can’t I access the stickers I Downloaded in the iMessages App?

Answer 5- Some sticker packs have to be manually enabled if you have the Automatically Add Apps option disabled on your device. So either you allow Automatically Add Apps or manually add apps to your message app.

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