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How to be more productive when running your business from home



business Revenue

business Revenue

Working without leaving your own space is the dream of many. But running a business from home is not paradise. Quite the contrary: if you are not disciplined, working at home can be the worst strategy for your company. That is why, below, we give you some useful tips in this regard.

In the last decade, telecommuting has become fashionable. In fact, between 2005 and 2012, the number of people who started running their businesses from home -in the United States-  increased by 80%, in recent years this figure has tripled. However, the most striking thing about this figure is its background: workers who perform their tasks from home are 13.5% more productive per day than those who worked in their offices.

Considering the above, how could we increase the productivity of the home business? Considering that when running an online store, working from home can be more frequent than usual, there are some tips that can help you perform at your best. Take note:

1. Plan

If you don’t plan, you will be tempted to work on the go and without schedules. This can lead you to work many hours, many more than you would work if you were in an office. The key is to plan your day today, and tools such as Google Calendar will help you better control your time, especially as regards e-Commerce since it is a field of much and varied activity.

In this regard, having a logistics partner capable of offering all the services that a virtual store requires is vital to be able to work from home, since you do not need to consider warehouses or the like, worrying only about meeting the satisfaction expectations of your customers.

2. Organize your space

Being comfortable at work is important, but beware of overdoing it when running your business from home. Therefore, it is important to organize your space considering the needs and work demands. If you can, create an office in your home, a space without distractions, and where you have everything you need to do your chores in the best possible way.

And we repeat: without distractions (just in case you were thinking of taking the TV or the console for your free time). After all, your e-Commerce will not move alone, and concentration is essential to bring your virtual store to success.

3. Be flexible

Running a business from home implies giving up the stability and predictability of the day to day, especially when you are your own boss and you must, literally, be in all of them. Therefore, you must always be prepared to react to unforeseen events that alter your schedule, with the ability to make decisions in a matter of minutes. After all, when running an online store this kind of thing can happen.

4. Prepare as if you were going to the office

According to the study cited in the first paragraphs, people who do not prepare as if they were going to work are less productive. Therefore, it is advisable that you prepare as if you had to move to your office: do not start work in pajamas, barefoot, etc. Instead, get up on time, get dressed, and start your day ready to go out. In this way, you indicate to your brain that there are demands to meet, and you do not get carried away by the relaxation of knowing that you are at home.

5. Establish schedules

Whatever it is, set your schedule: the time to start work, to eat, to rest, and to finish. Respect it and you can increase your productivity, even working from home. Thus, you can spend time with your family, your partner, and your things. After all, leisure is essential for the good performance of workers.

Managing your e-Commerce from home can bring you great benefits, as long as you are disciplined and follow the advice that we just reviewed.

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