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4 Ways to Market Your Business – Without Spending a Fortune  



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For your business to thrive, your need to attract customers. For the business to attract customers, it needs to implement an effective marketing strategy. A long time ago, marketing a business would mean that it would get promoted in the newspaper, printed on flyers and brochures. But, nowadays, marketing methods have changed 180 degrees ever since the social media boom and digitalized promotion methods.

There’s an overwhelming amount of promotional tools to market your business in this digitalized era, and even though there’s no right or wrong way, there are some methods that are more effective than others, depending on the nature of your business. Nonetheless, an optimal marketing strategy consists of a mixture of several effective promotional tools.

Here are four of the most effective marketing tools to promote your business:

1. Use social media. Let’s face it. In this digital era, promoting your business across social media platforms is where all the magic happens. You can even build an entire business on social media platforms without having a physical location or another promotional tool. Because all businesses are religiously exploiting social media for marketing, the competition can be tough. However, you need to get started, build momentum over time, and get the wheel rolling.

There are social media experts to hire that can handle your business’s social media accounts if you aren’t interested in stepping into this field. But if you’re interested and want to promote it yourself, research your target audience, learn more about them, and post about your products and/or services accordingly.

2. Launch a website. Starting a website for your business is a no-brainer, even if you think that you don’t need one, that’s because first impressions are everything, especially for businesses. According to Hexagroup, a digital marketing agency in Houston TX, “First impressions are everything, that’s why it’s important to build a website that aligns with your brand, and is just as beautiful as it is functional”.

A website is the official online presence for businesses – if you don’t have one, your business’s credibility drops because it doesn’t have a formal online presence. Also, websites are profitable when you attract traffic to them. There are many ways to monetize your website that will add to the profitability of your business.

3. Learn how to attract leads. Marketing is all about attracting an audience, and what does an audience represent to us? Potential leads. An effective marketing strategy is measured by the number of leads it generates by presenting the right content to the right audience. There’s no way around building an effective lead magnet than market research.

By doing market research, you make sure that you understand the market you’re entering (or are already in) in detail. You understand your target audience, what they want, what problems they are facing, how your business will solve that problem, and what distinguishes your business from others that target the same audience. The more detailed and accurate you are, the better your lead magnet will be.

But, what is a lead magnet? A lead magnet is simply a tool used to lure the potential lead-in. This can be anything: an ebook, checklist, e-mail course, tutorials, and many others. You want to give the customer a taste so they are encouraged to enter your sales funnel. But, for them to consume what you’re offering, they need to trust you which happens when you present a superb lead magnet.

4. Learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search engine optimization isn’t solely stuffing keywords into content – it’s a whole area of marketing with several aspects. SEO is a very powerful method to market your business online, but you have to correctly learn it and exploit it. If you put in the work to learn SEO, you’ll find there are endless opportunities to grow your online presence and boost your sales.

However, SEO doesn’t work if you’re looking for shortcuts and ways to trick search engines because even if you see results at first, they won’t be sustainable. Search engines and built-in ways can outsmart the tricks people do and will lead to the website’s traffic going downhill. So, to make use of SEO, you need to put in the work of learning it and post content that is natural and engaging while also putting in mind search engine optimization methods. Humans can tell the difference between content that’s written solely for the purpose of generating sales and leads, and content that is valuable and conveys insightful information.

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