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Top 7 Google Chrome Extensions for Hackers



Top 7 Google Chrome Extensions for Hackers. The weird and wonderful world of hacking can turn innocent Chrome extensions into tools for hacking. Just like how a house thief may use a crowbar to get into homes instead of to pry open boxes. Here are seven innocent Google Chrome extensions that you can use to hack. This article is not going to tell you how to hack, just which extensions may be useful to hackers.

1 – Hide My Ass!

This is number one because it is a menace to society and should be closed down by the powers-that-be as soon as possible. It acts as a proxy extension for hackers. It helps people to maintain a high degree of anonymity. It also allows people to hide the identity for the online community. You can create a website and hide your details so that nobody knows who runs the website. It can help you to reach restricted countries servers and IP ranges. I will give you SSL support for secure connections. When used with Chrome it works via an incognito mode. You can choose from over twenty proxy servers of various locations or domains provided at the pirate bay proxy platform. Similarly, for another option to choose from for a list of safe proxies, click here.

2 – Web of Trust (WOT) 

It uses a traffic signal scheme in order to convey the risk of opening an unknown, new URL. It will show a red light for any malicious pages, yellow for risky pages and green for safe pages. It has a further ten signals which will indicate a sites reputation. It works for most search engines, social media sites, email sites and popular websites. You may also use the extension as an extra security program, but as a hacker it is your job to make your own website come up as green lit.

3 – HTTPS Everywhere / KB SSL Enforcer

These are two extensions for Google Chrome that you are going to have to use together. If you do then you get a secure connection to a website (hopefully). The pair of extensions work together to encrypt your browsing session. It provides a secure connection with SSL support.

4 – Frictionless

This allows you to read an article without any form of interruption. For example, Facebook has an app installer that can be irritating to a hacker. You can bypass any app installers and see the data without needing to install anything. The extension is an open source piece of software that does not accept an app installation or reject it. It will simply bypass the app installer, thereby installing nothing.

5 – BugMeNot Lite

Sometimes when you visit different websites, you have to input information to use it. This may be okay a few times, but if you use the same websites every day then it gets annoying. It gets even more annoying if you have to use the same website multiple times in one day. This extension allows you to fill in your information with just one click. It will anonymously fill in your information for the website to save you the time and effort. It also has a log of fake credentials you can use in order to log onto a website without entering any of your details.

6 – Click & Clean

This is an extension that allows you to maintain a clean and secure browsing session. It will delete all of your browsing history, records, cookies, cache data, Silverlight cookies, store web pages and Java cookies. It can also scan for malware and will clean up your hard drive so that you may redeem a little bit of hard drive space.

7 – View thru

Sometimes the URL shortened links are fake ones. Sometimes they have information that you tend to miss. To avoid any of these circumstances you should use the View Thru extension. This extension will show you the destination of the URL. All you need to do is hover over the link to see where it really leads. It does not show the full and true URL unless you hover over it, so it does not mess up your view of the web page.

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