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7 Tips on How to Improve Your Marketing on Instagram





If you deal with Instagram or your business is simply tied to that platform, you must have thought, at least, once of how to improve your business through this social network and raise marketing on it by a step higher.

Read 7 tips on how to improve your Instagram marketing:

  1. Outline Your “Bio” on Instagram Well

If you use Instagram for personal use, it can be spontaneous and fun. However, if you use it as one of your marketing tools or skills, you need to pay close attention to what you write on it and, in general, what kind of posts you publish. In simple words, you have to be careful because you do not want some posts to create bad PR for you. This will only slow down your business.

If you are presenting a small, new, or lesser-known company, it is very important what first impression you leave when your profile is viewed. So, “Bio” is something that is of great importance. You strive to communicate with people about what you do, who you are, and what can be expected of you in the style of your business communication and the tone of the brand you represent.

In order to bring you closer to what we are talking about, we will take the example of two people – a musician and a businessman. Imagine a situation in which, for example, a rock singer, who represents something that is relaxed and intended for entertainment, would address himself on Instagram in strictly business language. Or, imagine a businessman who is in a very serious industry and uses only slang? It is clear to you that neither of these two scenarios will be successful. So, in order for your Instagram to communicate what you are, you need to address the people who follow you with your ‘real’ language.

Now many of you will be wondering: “Okay, but everything written above has to do with posts. Where is ‘Bio’?” Well, “Bio” is something that implies all those things.

  1. Take Photos and Record in Square Format

If you want your Instagram feed to be of high quality and attractive, you must provide your followers with just such content, i.e. it must be of good quality. By this, we do not mean photos that a professional photographer will take with an astronomically expensive DSLR camera, but that your content will be as your followers will like it. One way to achieve this is to take photos and recording in square format.

Why? Because of the user experience. The square format is the most pleasant photo shape for the viewer’s eye. So, plan posts a few days ahead, do them thoughtfully and, after all, let them be on Instagram in square format.

  1. Direct Users to Your Most Valuable Content

In recent updates, Instagram has given all marketers a big advantage by the fact that it has introduced the possibility of clickable links in the carousel posts. However, in all other posts, the URL is still not clickable. Still, in order to achieve the desired traffic and eventual conversion on your site, it is necessary to make the most of the carousel post on your feed.

What do we mean by making the most of the carousel post? This means showing the greatest potential in a carousel post of what you are selling or what you want to present to a potential consumer.

In addition to carousel announcements, a good way to stress your sales links is a description in the “Bio” section. As most users know, until recently, the “Bio” section stood as the only linkable section on Instagram, so all the important links were put there and the attention was focused on them. Our advice is that until Instagram introduces a clickable URL on all posts, you should still put all important links in the “Bio” section. Especially links to the home page or landing page of your website.

You have to be aware that, although it is an excellent platform to reach the right audience, Instagram is not a platform that can replace a website in terms of functionalities related to the presentation of your business. You may own your Instagram account but you do not own the platform, so if Instagram decides to remove certain features in the future, you can lose some of your content, images, videos, ads, etc.

That is why it is best to build a simple website that you can link to your Instagram profile. There are several options for setting up your online presence, and it does not have to be a particularly complex site, but should allow visitors to get to know you, what you are offering, and how to connect with you. Should you build your audience, you can switch to building and using a ‘heavier’ website.

  1. Take Advantage of “Trending” Hashtags

Of course, this implies that your company or the brand you promote on Instagram is in any sense related to the hashtags that are in trend. Otherwise, it would not make sense to use them. Here, in addition to the hashtags themselves, it is very important how you will increase the awareness of your business.

For example: If you are a chef, it is simply natural to put food emojis. If you are a pilot, then airplane emojis, etc. So, if you are a chef, you will not put the hashtag #cristianoronaldo just because that is what is well ranked in the trend, but you will put, for example, the hashtag #cakeboss. So, as we wrote above, communicate in the language that your brand communicates.

  1. Mutual Promotion

If you have some business associates who already have a worked-out Instagram profile, do not hesitate to ask them for mutual promotion on this social network. Use a story, mention each other, invite each other to follow your partner profile, etc.

What do you get out of it? You get support from people who for some reason have gained trust in your business associate. Therefore, they give their trust to you as well. Although it sounds banal, if the average user does not trust an Instagram profile and thinks that its content is not relevant, he will have no reason to follow it.

  1. Partnership With Influencers

Find influencers from your industry or influencers who are so strong that they may have people among their followers who will be interested in you. Today, you can find tens of thousands of influential Instagram profiles that will provide you with posts on their feeds or stories with a mention of your profile for a fee.

What benefit does it bring? An organic influx of new followers. It is clear that Instagram, with its algorithm, made things harder for all marketers, and that, like Facebook, it began to evaluate the organic flow of interactions, based on which it ranks posts on the feed. If an influencer gave you a mention, the number of your interactions would become unimaginably higher compared to the period when that mention did not exist, and the algorithm would push you up.

However, you must understand that it is not enough to just pay someone who has 1M followers to solve your problem. Above all, what you need is quality content.

  1. Don’t Avoid Using Sponsored Posts

With the “Promote” option, everyone is offered the option to show their Instagram posts to profiles that do not follow them. This type of promotion on Instagram is the no.1 advertising strategy for most social media advertising experts.

Although it is a bit more expensive than Facebook, Instagram provides us with affordable prices for displaying ads, depending on our request. Show people what you offer, and if they like you, they will follow you. We must be aware that Instagram is a marketing branch that is just beginning to develop and that as such, it is a branch with countless possibilities.

Lastly, the most important thing is to be consistent, innovative, and always try to be creative in providing relevant content. That way, you will catch the eye of almost all potential customers and clients.

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