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7 Top Content Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore In 2021



Content marketing in the past year characterized itself with swift changes in strategies and quick adaptation by the brands. This swift can still make itself relevant in 2021. We are now moving towards more practical, helpful, and technically excellent content aligned with user intent. As creators have taken a more innovative and strategic approach, we have seen new and excellent content satisfying user demands. As a result of these strategies and better researches, content marketing is no longer an experiment but a proven tactic for any brand.

The year 2021 has introduced new methodologies in digital marketing, and there are also new techniques for content marketing. Let us look at some of these top marketing trends that have taken over older tactics this year.

  1. Use of Visuals in Content

Interactive visuals in the content have become a trend for today and, hopefully, for the future. The aspects of visual social media have become a preferred choice for today’s generation of content viewers. For instance, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat are a few platforms where users hang and view content. Another most popular platform is YouTube, where users watch videos and interact accordingly. To this end, visual content has become more interesting and appealing to users worldwide. We can see that marketers are not taking advantage of dynamic and custom imagery for their content.

  • Repurposing Content for Various Platforms

While it is not a new trend in content marketing, repurposing it for various platforms still holds value for brands to improve their conversions. Content repurposing is useful not only for text blogs or articles but also for every channel you approach. Creating high-quality content for the audience is the best way to serve user intent. There are different software available for this purpose. For instance, you can use this software to create eBooks or go for any other software to make videos. It is an organic way to build your brand and achieve your marketing goals.

Additionally, content repurposing creates a seamless experience for users and connects the dots of your business. They can get an uninterrupted experience by engaging with a business on social media, websites, and newsletters. Other methods such as live webinars, video podcasts, and other media can create a seamless experience for visitors. It makes it easier for users to engage with a brand and build lasting relationships.

  • Driving Engagement Using Authentic Stories

Today consumers want to see the people behind the brand, and that could come in various forms. It could be the company CEO discussing company values or a behind-the-scenes video of worker interaction. Using these authentic stories gives more meaning and drives better engagement from users worldwide. Use Instagram stories or short videos to spread your brand and get noticed. Today’s viewers want to see the real people instead of styled photoshoots or arranged models for product styling. They want to see who the person behind the brand is. Talk directly to clients instead of using scripts to shine spotlights on a brand. They appreciate a person who gives them a genuine attempt to connect on a personal level. The trend is not to hesitate in sharing the real perspective and be as open as possible.

  • Topical Authority Replacing Keywords

Another trend to effectively showcase a brand is to know the subject you speak about. Today, the expertise of the topics in content holds more value than other factors such as placing keywords or link building. The backlink is an essential factor in content marketing, but topical expertise has more importance now. Marketers who have the expertise of the topical authority, in particular, will hold control of the future traffic flow of related queries.

  • Building Content Communities

With a rise in communities across tech and other industries, the focus has shifted to a more personalized marketing approach. Building communities has become an essential aspect for marketers to consider as a push for better marketing. Building communities around content allows marketers to engage relevant audiences to expand reach with fewer resources. Expanding your reach is good for brand awareness and developing a sense of community within the audience. Such inclusiveness positively impacts the audience, whether it is a blog, social media, or webinar. The audience feels valued with a continued sense of community, and marketers have to pick up the pace in this trend.

  • Optimizing Content for Long-tail, Niche Specific Keywords

Since topical expertise has become more dominant in today’s content marketing efforts, the value of using niche-specific keywords is still intact. For a long time, the focus of marketers was to use long-form content. Now they have to consider niche-specific keywords in their articles to become more prevalent. The reason is due to more relevancy and less competition. Furthermore, using long-tail keywords helps you gain better rankings on SERP, which means gaining organic traffic. It is best for marketers who target a competitive niche in their strategies. You can find these niche-related keywords using various online tools and focus them on content segments once finalized.

  • Value-Driven Content Has More Importance

At this time, on the internet, we have plenty of content available. The sheer amount of information available today makes users picky about the type of content they want to engage. At best, they pick the content that offers information not available anywhere else. Remember that you are not the only one offering products or services. You need to ensure you stand out from the competition. Start by telling them about the impact your product will make in their lives. If you directly focus on promoting the product, the chances of customers skipping and looking elsewhere for information are high. Use strong examples and, if possible, customer testimonials to spread your word. Consumer’s views and perceptions change by reading other people’s experiences. It is the trend that you can leverage in today’s marketing efforts.

Final Word

Content marketing has made a significant shift from traditional methods to new and improved strategies. The trends mentioned above are some of the most common ones that have made headlines today. Following these trends will give you a better chance to rank higher and reach a relevant audience accordingly.

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