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10 Some Unique Ways to Design Brochure Layout



10 Some Unique Ways to Design Brochure Layout

10 Some Unique Ways to Design Brochure Layout

The company should always create a well-designed brochure as it can educate the readers, attract a large number of audiences, and also increase the credibility, and in this way, the customer gets attracted towards the business of the company.

Do you know how to make your company brochure attract and grab the attention of the customer?

In this article, you are going to explore all the essential tips from our experts so that they can elevate your business brochure from good to great. Before exploring the tips of the Brochure Layout, let’s know about the brochure first.

What is a brochure?

It’s just a simple book or a magazine containing all the basic information and pictures about the organization’s service or products. It’s just an informative document which is of paper, basically used for the advertisement purpose. It can be folded into a template, leaflet, or pamphlet.

These promotional documents help introduce the company, organization, products, and services offered to its valuable clients. Since it is a corporate marketing tool, it must be made by a professional brochure designer. Various brochure design samples must be analyzed before selecting the right brochure for the company.

Here is the tip that must be considered before creating a brochure layout– 

  1. Prepare the copy and images

Before having a brochure for your company and working with the software, you must be first aware of the images with which you are going to work. You must know how long your copy is. This will help you to know about the brochure layout, format, font size, and length.

It must be kept in mind that big block tests shouldn’t be included in the brochure as they can be overwhelming for the readers. Be concise with the ideal amount of information in the brochure. Use proper headlines to structure the brochure.

Always prefer to put your information in the form of bullet points as they help to get your message across. Concerning the brand helps to know about their choice of preference in terms of colors and fonts.

It will help to create a brochure design for that specific company rather than the random marketing element.

  1. Make the icons the primary imagery 

You must prefer to use icons rather than the water color illustrations as it is the main form of imagery.

This modern icon typically helps to communicate modern sentiment and modern ideas. Brochure Designers in Surat claim that these icons are more versatile and more playful. You can choose your color and size according to your design.

  1. Crop the creativity with daring designs

Always try to make your brochure extraordinary by adding some undulating shapes at the top and bottom of the canvas.

To make the brochure more attractive you need to create a dynamic border that frames the design. Use the border for the photos, test blocks, or entire brochure layout to make it attractive.

  1. Think outside the pamphlet

It is the best for having incredible creativity with the brochure design. Try to make a brochure, slightly stepping away from the flat pamphlet-like structure into a more attractive, interactive, three-dimensional. By this, you can engage the viewer to create the last impression.

  1. Create an effective cover for your design

The cover must be made more attractive as it’s the prime real estate that is going to grab the reader’s attention when designed successfully. Make sure that the cover should have concise information so that it’s easy and fast to read at a certain distance.

Use simple and impactful imagery for your cover rather than the clutter cover. Images are more intuitive than words. It’s better to have the images on your brochure cover to make it more attractive.

  1. Play with rod-like layouts

Astandard brochure is tri-fold in nature which means it has two folds creating 3 sections on each side. Totals 6 sessions are present on each brochure. If you wish, you can divide up those sections by sectioning individual components off in a grid-like layout.

You can use color blocks to section off the headers and footers from the photos and divide the middle section of the brochure into two parts to achieve the space for having 2 different types of content.

  1. Use high-quality imagery in the brochure

Customers always judge your effort by just looking into the image which you use while brochure making. Always use that type of imagery that reflects your intention and then communicate your message.

After choosing the right imagery for your brochure, then go for the resolution. Since the brochure needs to be printed, the images on the brochure are needed to print. It will bring down the quality level of your design. So, before printing, you must go for color tones and color correction.

  1. Embraces the entire negative space

Try adding various elements to surprise the readers. Use alternate light and dark colors in the panels to enhance the look of the brochure. It adds weight to the brochure.

Make this type of Brochure Design Samples to know the customers’ needs. Embrace this negative space in the brochure by adding some essential information into it. You can add certain quotes or call to action in this negative space with a dark background to clearly communicate the message.

  1. Include a clear call to action

Brochure Designers  always say the company has only one certain goal, that is, the reader to take action. Your brochure should contain your call to action transparently and should be stated in a big way.

Make aware your readers of why to choose your company. Don’t write the content in a long paragraph; make the statement bold so that it’s hard to miss.

Better to use short sentences like “get in touch” or “contact us now.” It urges the reader to read that way. You can also add offers like specific discounts or gifts in the brochure to grab the customers’ attention.

  1. Make it easy to respond

Include all the vital contact information in the brochure. Readers can easily grab what they need by observing your brochure.

Make sure that all the vital information is placed somewhere which is highly visible, like on the cover or the back panel. Include all the social media joining platform details like email, WhatsApp number, phone number, address. Nowadays, QR codes are in huge trend. With just a simple scan, the reader can easily move to a specific website.

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