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4 Tips to improve Non Verbal Reasoning questions



improve Non Verbal Reasoning questions

Improve Non Verbal Reasoning questions

Many students and their parents get confused in solving non verbal reasoning questions. It majorly emphasizes the logical knowledge of the candidate. The section includes question-based on cubical diagrams, rotations and reflections, finding odd one pair and shape reconfiguration. Students have to use their visual logic to answer every question. Candidates who are not well versed with its basic concepts may face challenges in solving such questions. Therefore, before solving them, good preparation is required to enjoy the reasoning assessment that students encounter. Here we have compiled a few effective tips that aid candidates’ preparation.

How to get good marks in non-verbal reasoning questions?

  1. More practising

The more you practice, the more you learn. If candidates struggle with visual concepts or are unable to figure out the question’s requirement, then practice! Practising more questions and online assessments build confidence for candidates. Candidates will be more comfortable in solving novel reasoning questions. The major advantage here is that aspirants who have linguistic problems and are unable to understand complex question’s language can score excellently in it. Those who rigorously practice these assessments can find improvement in themselves. Unlock your logical reasoning’s potential with more practice and training.

  1. Accuracy in solutions

Accuracy is everything in scoring excellent marks. It is important to understand what the question actually demands. Many candidates find difficulty in getting the right approach for solving questions. Here, they get the numerical series, reflections and other types of questions that demand accuracy. For instance in image questions, a single arrow or dot matters. If you are unable to deliver an accurate solution, your time and marks, both go into vain. Make sure you come up with a 100% accurate answer to secure your score.

  1. Build visualize power

Reasoning questions are very complicated and seek a high level of expertise to solve them. Have you ever solved the missing number reasoning question? What approach do you follow? Obviously, your answer is visualization. Visualizing is more important than solving. For instance, you are attempting coding or numerical series questions. The correct answer might be the square root or cube of the following number. So, to draw the correct conclusion, it is mandatory to build the visualization power. You have to examine the series of diagrams and rules applied to the question. Find the similarities in the question pattern and then come up with the conclusion which fits perfectly in the question.

  1. Get familiar with the format

For clearing the non-verbal reasoning assessments, it is important to get familiarized with the question format. For beginners, it might be a daunting task to complete the questions. Many candidates panic after seeing complex questions. However, it is recommended to stay calm and be patient. Aspirants who are not aware of the question format are vulnerable to take the stress. The best way to know about the format is practising mock test papers. There are plenty of academic search engines available that help in preparation. It also helps in building an intelligent quotient level of the candidate.

Wrap up!

So far we understood the tips and tricks to solve reasoning questions. Candidates have to be well-versed with basic concepts and practice as many questions as they can. There are test series, mock test papers, previous year question papers and many other resources available on the internet. Reasoning builds logical ability and for that rigorous practice is required. Experimenting and visualizing the concept is the only key to excel in this category. In the end, we can only advise you that never take the stress and enjoy doing every kind of question. Remember that one exam is not the end of the world.

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