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5 Apps that make Finances Easy



5 Apps that make Finances Easy

5 Apps that make Finances Easy

Are you tired of the headache of dealing with your finances? Perhaps you’re looking to take your money more seriously and manage it in a smarter way. These days, it is easier than ever to manage money; all thanks to the range of both free and premium financial technologies (fintech) that are available to all. There has been an increase IT Support Companies that have been using financing apps to help manage their money better and the trend is moving into many other sectors as well.


Of all the budgeting and savings apps that are available for your phone, Chip has combined advantage of allowing you to automate your savings, and also offering one of the best interest rates for any digital savings account. Did you know that IT Support Central London Offerings and Solutions can include services that help you save money using these kinds of tools? The Chip +1 account offers 1.25% interest, paid every 3 months. You can set up a range of auto savings – such as Pay day savings, or AI savings.


If you are based in the UK – this is an excellent way of saving for your future. Moneybox offers some of the best rates on Lifetime ISAs – so if you’re wanting to save for retirement, or a first house, Moneybox’s Lifetime ISA is the way to go. Additionally, it has options for Stocks & Shares ISAs, Easy Access & Notice Savers, and even Personal Pensions. We have seen specific businesses using this kind of application – IT Support Teams who have the help of an Office 365 Consultant or Experts on hand love Moneybox.


One of the biggest credit assessors in the world, Experian’s app gives you easy access to your credit score. See how your score changes each month, and even get access to offers on loans and credit cards based on your score.

Debt Payoff Planner & Tracker

If you are in debt, it can be hard to track and manage paying it back. There is no shame in having debt, but by using Debt Payoff Planner & Tracker, you can build a plan to pay it off that works for you.


If you are looking to get into investing, but don’t know how or where to start, then Betterment is the perfect app for you. Betterment has no account minimum, so you can start investing with any amount of money, and it can help you automate your investments. What is more, because of its pricing model, it is much more cost effective than many of the other entry-level investment apps.

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