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7 Tips To Create Corporate Videos That Influence Customers



 Corporate Videos

Corporate Videos

Customer buying behavior is highly dynamic. It changes regularly, causing brands to gain or lose potential clients in the blink of an eye. In such situations, you need a medium that can influence customers to purchase from your brand. Corporate videos are among some of the most effective mediums that can affect a customer’s buying behavior.

A well-crafted corporate video can encourage potential buyers to move down the sales funnel and retain existing customers. But producing a corporate video that leaves a mark on the customers takes work.

Successful corporate video production requires hours of careful planning, research, and seamless production. This blog aims to ease your worries by sharing tips for creating corporate videos that can influence customers.

Creating corporate videos that influence customers

1. Understand your audience

Can you influence your audience without even knowing who they are, what they like, and which type of video would be preferred to them? Especially when corporate videos have multiple types —website videos, explainer videos, recruitment videos, etc. And each video type caters to a different audience.

For example, if your target audience is potential employees, your corporate video should include core brand values, work culture, and the pros of working with your brand.

But if your audience is a potential customer, your corporate video should be focused on your product and how it can benefit them. Therefore, you need to know the audience to start planning your video.

2. Convey only a single message throughout the video

Brands often make the mistake of packing multiple messages in a single corporate video. This can divert customers’ attention from your core message and confuse them.

Instead, you should only focus on a single message and center your video script around the same. This can allow you to convey what you want to the audience effectively.

3. Show, Don’t Tell

Brands use videos to tell a story. But simply narrating a story with minimal visuals is not going to make the viewer click on the CTA at the end of the video.

Your video should invoke emotions inside the viewers. These emotions can encourage viewers to move forward in the sales funnel. And this can only be done when you show a story instead of simply telling it.

You can do this by using animations and special effects to visualize your video’s message. You can find multiple corporate video examples on the internet that efficiently show the story through animations.

4. Use captions

A significant part of the public watches videos without sound. Therefore, getting your message across to this customer segment can be challenging if your video is primarily dependent on the audio.

In such cases, adding captions can make your videos much more viable and engaging to a broader customer segment.

5. Keep the video short

A few years ago, 4-5 minute long videos would have worked amazingly to engage viewers. But, with people’s reduced attention spans, more than 50% of the audience leaves before reaching the video’s end.

Producing shorter videos ensure that your audience watches the video completely. And if your customer watches the video till the end, they are going to be encouraged to click on the CTA.

6. Include your branding elements in the video

Branding elements help in increasing the information retention rate of the viewers. Adding branding elements like brand color, message, logo, etc., allows customers to easily recognize your brand while watching the video.

Branding elements to the video can also personify your brand and enable you to connect with the customers emotionally.

7. Optimize your video

Imagine putting so much effort into the video production process, and it still doesn’t land on the search results. Sounds depressing, right? But this is the case for many businesses out there.

Why? Because these businesses don’t invest enough time in optimizing their videos. Video SEO plays a crucial role in getting your video to the right audience at the right time.

Here are some ways you can optimize your corporate videos-

  • Add relevant keywords in the title.
  • Use keywords in your captions, video description, alt tags, and transcripts.
  • Use attractive thumbnails.
  • Add strong CTAs.


Corporate videos can be your source to win over customers for a lifetime. But they need to be well-produced, have the perfect script, and be able to reach the audience. So remember the above-mentioned tips when you hire a corporate video production studio for your next successful video.

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