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As the world starts to adjust to the new normal, the Gaper community has also felt the daunting change and shift in the way things used to function. Since the outbreak, a large part of the workforce has been transitioned to working from home. Unfortunately, many have lost their jobs too. These truly are unprecedented times and as we adjust to this new ‘normal’ , there are a few things that we at Gaper are adapting in order to make the  most out of remote learning.

All the courses have been moved online, that being said, Gaper is of the belief that learning comes best in social interactions and we have re-structured our program to cater to the same. Earlier this week, Mustafa Najoom, VP sales and Marketing at Gaper announced a re-design of all outreach efforts in order to maximize productivity and ensure that we are still delivering our possible best.

That being said, there are some things you, as a student, can do at home to maximize your learning

  1. Bootcamp prep to get you started:

If you are already familiar with the basics of coding, you are already at a good start. For someone on the other end of the spectrum however, we suggest you start to read up, research and familiarize yourself with the absolute basics. Don’t worry, we do have an introductory course that will cover everything but it’s still better to have some knowledge especially when you are interacting from behind a screen instead of in-person

  1. Practice makes perfect

Once you get started on the basics practice to make the best use of both your time and your resources. One great way to practice is to take up small projects by yourself.

  1. Take on multiple projects

Linking back to the last point, taking up multiple projects will help you gain experience across an array of different scenarios. At Gaper more than 60% of the time is already spent on practical, hand-on-training via simulations, real-life problem solving etc. so you will already have a good start.

  1. Form a network early-on

One thing that is emphasized at Gaper is the network of peers and mentors that you carry along into your practical life as well. Form a good network early on in your bootcamp so it allows you to surround yourself with like-minded people.

One of the biggest rather important aspects of learning at Gaper academy is the mentors and the emphasis on one-on-one training. Even in a remote setup, don’t shy away from making the most out of your feedback sessions, discussions etc.

  1. Cash on the positives:

With zero commute times, you get to save yourself those extra minutes or even hours; so utilize them productively. We encourage you to practice. Make coding a hobby and spend at least a dedicated hour practicing outside of your curriculum. This will also prepare you for the practical project at the end of the program.

  1. Take it slow:

The transition to complete online learning can be pretty daunting and boring too for some people. Allow yourself to ease into the new environment. Reduce distractions around you when engaging in an online class

  1. Keep sight of your end goal:

It’s very easy to get de-tracked when you are on your own in a somewhat isolated arrangement. It’s also very common for people who are not used to online learning to get discouraged and slip away. Keep reminding yourself of why you started and what you wanted to achieve with this program.

  1. Reach out:

It’s as simple as that. Gaper academy | Nerdii encourages a strong community and thrives on people uplifting each other. We are also avid believers of one-on-one learning and firmly believe that more personalized feedback yields a better outcome.

None of us know when and how this is all going to end but what we do know is that something positive shall emerge. Gaper academy | Nerdii  is set out to make a change for the better, to train the workforce of tomorrow and we will make sure we live up to that goal. Companies that hire the best remote software engineers will appreciate your experience with remote learning. So do your best to make the most out of this learning experience.

In the mean-time wash your hands, wear a mask and sit tight because you are about to embark on a pretty amazing journey to the world of software developers!

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