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ACNH Beginner Guide – Interesting Things You Can Do On Animal Crossing New Horizons Island



Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons

When starting the Animal Crossing New Horizons, you are limited to do few things in there. How can you not be bored during the beginning of Animal Crossing while prepared things well for the future? Here we share the best tips Ideas to let you explore a little bit more fun things and get out of the small area that’s unlocked at the very start. In order to discover interesting things, you can do even if you are new at Animal Crossing!

ACNH Beginner Guide – Interesting Things You Can Do On Animal Crossing New Horizons Island

ACNH Tip 1 – Diving

Additionally, there are some massive benefits to starting your island later in 2020. With the update, you can buy ACNH items wetsuit from Timmy at the beginning of Animal Crossing New Horizons. When you’re still in a tent forest services and as you know that wetsuit allows you to dive. The Beach area of your island that you previously couldn’t reach until you had a vaulting pole is now accessible on your very first day as long as you get the Animal Crossing bells. Buy a wetsuit and swim over which is a huge advantage to be able to access your entire island aside from the cliffs right off the bat. You can go ahead and see what your native flower is. You can go ahead and get all the weeds from this area as well.

ACNH Tip 2 – DIY Recipes

You can try diving early in the game, also catch scallops to meet pascal who will give you mermaid DIY recipes. Once you have your diys, you’re going to need resources to craft them. While you can farm resources easily on your own island, you will find it particularly helpful to farm resources from mystery islands. On these islands, you can find more weeds to reach your greedy weeder achievement and make Animal Crossing bells.

ACNH Tip 3 – Shake Trees

Shake trees to find which tree on the island has a piece of furniture and you can collect more fruit, sometimes different from your native. Take coconuts back home with you and you can start planting palm trees on your beach as well.

ACNH Tip 4 – Catching Fish & Bugs

If you’ve been speaking to tom nook then you know that you’ll need at least one of each new fish or insect that you find in order to open up your full museum as opposed to just blather’s tent. These can take up a lot of storage space in the beginning when you can’t just donate whenever you want to. Highly recommended to store them outside wherever you’ve placed the blather’s tent. In that way, you can donate them as needed and they won’t be taking up storage or inventory space when you’re so limited. You can place cute pets anywhere on your island, some pets even have cute cages.

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