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Certified Scrum Product Owner®: Training, Eligibility, and Much More



Certified Scrum Product Owner®: Training, Eligibility, and Much More

Certified Scrum Product Owner®: Training, Eligibility, and Much More

Upgrading your resume like a professional working in the corporate sector is always a fantastic idea. It shows your employers that you’re always on the lookout to better yourself. Adding another accolade to your repertoire doesn’t always mean that you have to spend months and hours to get a certification! There are many courses that you can do online and offline that don’t take up all your time and energy. This article gives you all the necessary details to become a scrum product owner! And here’s the best part- you don’t have to work in the Information Technology sector to do this course! If you want to learn all about Product Owner® Training, read on!

Is This Training For You?

Before signing up for any online or offline course, the first thing you should definitely consider doing is finding out whether it’s a good fit for you and your aptitude and interests. Coming to the Scrum Product Owner® training, if you’re into the business side of different projects and have an entrepreneurial mindset, this training is perfect for you. If you have the ability to come up with solutions that are innovative to different problems, you’d be a great candidate for this training.

People with some degree of experience in product development and dealing with different stakeholders can definitely sign up for this training. As mentioned earlier, you don’t even have to be an IT sector personnel to sign up for this training. Are you wondering how and why this is possible? Well, it’s because if you become a scrum product owner, you’ll find yourself with several employment opportunities in domains such as Manufacturing, Travel, Healthcare, Communications, and so on.

Product Owner Training Information

There are 2 levels of training available for people who wish to become product owners. These have been listed as follows:

  • PSPO®: This is the first level of training that you can sign up for Professional Product Owner® training is a course that lasts for 2 days. Through this training, you will learn different strategies to maximize software systems and software products. This 2-day training aims to teach students how to deliver maximum value from software products. The training is very hands-on and follows an instruction-based as well as team-based exercises approach.
  • PSPO-A®: This is advanced training. The PSPO-A® is another 2-day course that aims to help seasoned practitioners polish their ability to create a solid vision and deliver more valuable products to stakeholders.

After you complete the first PSPO® training, you can then prepare for the product owner level 1 (PSPO-I) assessment to become a certified product owner.

Scope of the syllabus

The main concepts that you will learn in the PSPO® training have been listed as follows:

  • A clear understanding of the scrum framework
  • How to apply the scrum framework
  • Developing people and teams (leadership styles, facilitation, mentoring, coaching, self-managing teams, and teaching).
  • How to manage products with agility (product backlog, product vision, product value, stakeholders and customers, business strategy, and release planning)
  • Evolving the Agile Organization (portfolio planning, organizational structure and design, and the evidence-based approach).
  • Product development and delivery (continuous quality, flow optimization, continuous integration, management of technical risk, continuous delivery, and emergent software development).

If you wish to add a valuable accolade to your resume, consider PSPO® training. This will expand your employment opportunities and promotion opportunities!

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