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Do you know what open source software is? The keys you need to identify it



open source software

open source software

More and more users and companies are integrating open source software into their activities. So if you want to become a better developer and are looking for some solid tips, take guidance from the experienced online community

But what is open source software?

It is a source code published under a license that allows its use, modification, or redistribution freely.

In this way, companies, users and programmers are involved in a continuous study of the operation of the program, with a clear objective: to improve it. Thus, it is possible to carry out an efficient process of error detection, corrections and implementation of new features. Together, one of the peculiarities – which is liked so much – is the inexistence of a strong capital investment, since it does not require spending money on the purchase of licenses.

And of course, we cannot forget that the open source system lowers the barriers to innovation, so that any user can share the idea of ​​it in the market. In the same way, by using these programs you stop depending on the work of a company dedicated exclusively to maintaining the software, being able to open doors to anyone who has the knowledge and the necessary skills to do it remotely.

So how do you know if you are dealing with open source software?

To be sure that it is software of this nature, you should check if it meets the following requirements:

– Free redistribution of software.

– The source code must be freely available or available.

– Modification of the software and its redistribution must be permitted.

– The original author’s name must be stated and guaranteed, with other modifications remaining as later version programs with a different name and author.

– It is not allowed to discriminate against any person both for their collaboration in improving the software and for its subsequent use.

– Don’t worry, because the use of this program for whatever purpose we have in mind is guaranteed.

– You also cannot force other software that is co-distributed with the open source software to be so.

– The license must not apply restrictions on other programs and must be technologically neutral

 Open source software programs

In this way, we found countless programs – of great reputation – with these characteristics (and that you probably had no idea):

  1. Linux

It is a multi-tasking, multi-user system that provides a command interface and a graphical interface. In addition, it is the best known example and one of the reference in open source.

  1. Apache Open Office:

It is a powerful word, calculation and graphics processor perfect for the world of education. Both teachers and students can be enriched with it, and yes, it is also open source software.

  1. Android:

It sure surprises you but in fact it is characterized by being an open source program. Thanks to this fact, many developers can use this software to create applications to be used by this system.

  1. Firefox:

As you may well know, it is Mozilla’s web browser and most of its code is contributed by a large community of volunteers. 

  1. Nextcloud Server

Nextcloud Server is open source software that is free and can be installed and operated on a private server. This type is useful for creating and using file hosting services. 

But as we have said, the examples do not end with this small list. The future of this system is so promising that experts say that by 2021, IT teams will get more than 80% of its components through voluntary open source communities.

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