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Data Collection

Data Collection

Who would have known that sports and technology go hand in hand? The average athlete needs to keep a very close eye on their game performance in order to know what they have to improve on. Previously, this was done through paper-based surveys or the eye of the beholder. Things have changed, though, with data collection software becoming ever more popular.

The field of sports is highly competitive. If there’s anything you’re lacking in, then chances are someone younger, faster, or stronger than you is going to catch up, and you’re going to be left by the sidelines before you know it.

That’s why professional sports teams from all over the world have taken to data collection. The human eye cannot discern the thousands of little details that take place on the game field. No amount of paper surveys is going to give you a thoroughly concrete understanding of a team’s performance, either, since they are subjective and thus potentially erroneous.

How do you collect as much information as needed to really get ahead of the game? Through advanced technology data collection software. By making use of a high-quality camera and artificial intelligence, a professional sports team can track almost every movement made on the playing field.

You can glean anything from the velocity of the ball being kicked across the field to a particular player’s stress or fatigue levels with data collection technology. For example, a player might be outfitted with a special gadget that tracks various bodily statistics for a comprehensive breakdown of their performance.

Previously this type of technology was only available to professional teams with a lot of capital to spend. Nowadays, it’s become much more accessible due to technological advancements. It’s cheaper, it’s easier to buy, and it’s even starting to be marketed towards casual consumers.

Although the casual sports fan is definitely not going to need that much information, the hardcore fan is likely to draw a lot of joy from being able to carefully break down each and every aspect of the game.

How Can Football Analysis Software Help Me?

In many ways, depending on what you need. If you’re a spectator, then you might want to know every little detail about your favorite team’s performance during a game. On the other hand, if you’re a professional team coach, then good data analysis software could make the difference between a crushing defeat or a decisive victory.

Studies show that roughly about 65% of the population are visual learners. This means that they’re going to struggle without a visual medium to help them absorb information. Preparing a set of worthwhile data to inspect in a presentable format can be a huge advantage for most people.

Analyzing the areas in which your favorite sports team or the one that you’re managing could improve is much easier with data analysis software. Not only do you not need to manually track everything that’s going on, but most such setups come with a lot of additional tools to help you understand the information that is being presented.

Recording a game for later watching can also be of great help. It’s usually quite entertaining to appreciate the many wonderful moments that might have transpired. Furthermore, being able to pay close attention to what happened and to replay it if needed is a tremendous advantage.

The Best Data Analysis Software

You have a huge variety of choices when it comes to finding data analysis software, although our foremost recommendation would be to check out FeedConstruct’s Ajna. To put it as simply as possible, it is a highly user-friendly scouting tool composed of a camera and specialized software that can make recording games in stunning quality a breeze.

If you’re looking for the best software for football analysis that has a plethora of features and options, then Ajna would be your best bet. Check it out for yourself! You won’t be disappointed.

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