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Have trouble talking to your crush? Don’t Fret, Hindi Keyboard has got your back.



Have trouble talking to your crush? Don't Fret, Hindi Keyboard has got your back.

Have trouble talking to your crush? Don’t Fret, Hindi Keyboard has got your back.

Well, how many of us have waited for a reply from that one person with whom we have tried to have a conversation.  The wishing of a ‘Hi’ or ‘Hey” followed by a battalion of emojis seemed to be able to convince the other person, but the ignorance and sporadic replies made the goal seem quite distant. Every one of us has had a crush on someone, it is just natural for humans to feel attraction towards a person – be it of the same gender or the opposite. What’s more natural is wanting to get some attention back. And that is when a conversation could be the path to your cravings. A good message, an interesting topic, not being too clingy could be the key to a healthy conversation and help you in impressing your crush. If you’re still scratching your head over it, I won’t waste your time as you did thinking about the message you were going to send your crush and get moving.

Talking to your crush is an art, and to make art you need some instruments or tools. The instrument which will help you be an artist is Bharat AI’s Hindi Keyboard app. Use this app to impress your crush and win them over. It is a common misconception that a person is impressed by the way you converse in English. This is a myth that needs to be busted. A person may get impressed by your intellect, your talents, if you make them laugh or not. If you are able to identify what your crush likes, then using the Hindi Keyboard app, you can very well achieve it.

The Hindi keyboard app lets you type flawlessly. The fewer mistakes you make, the more are your chances of impressing your crush. The app has an autocorrect feature that you can control according to your will – moderate or aggressive. In terms of Hindi typing, the app has four typing options which let you bring variation in your messages but type them easily. The Hindi varnmala keyboard has letters and maatras arranged in a systematic manner. Word suggestions while typing help to fasten the pace of framing sentences without having to completely type them. So when your crush replies, you will be quick in replying to them.

The Hindi keyboard app even has different English fonts which you won’t be getting in other keyboard apps. The use of such fonts is intriguing for those who see it for the first time and your crush will be sure to ask about it. Tell them to install the Hindi Typing Keyboard app on Android. This way you will be getting a common topic to talk about.



Now one of the most common topics which people usually talk about is films. But the conversation usually reaches a stagnant point after a few quick rounds of “Which movies do you like?”, “I like these movies”. How to make a conversation lively? you may ask. How to start talking about the songs of a film? How to recall the scene when the hero beat the crap out of the villain? Will your crush be interested in talking about it? If we ask people who have a lot of admirers and constantly getting messages from people who like them, they would say a big No!

Forcing someone to talk on a topic is not a good start. But, what if you make them start the conversation themselves?

The Hindi keyboard app has thousands of stickers and GIFs with avatars. You just need to click a beautiful picture on the keyboard, design an avatar and use it on the stickers. The brilliant composition and subtle personalization add sweetness to your conversation. By using the features of the Hindi keyboard App. By using this feature you can bring life to your conversation on movies and portray yourself as the star of it. Now, how to tell your crush you like them? But, at the same time have a contingency plan ready in case things go South? The Hindi typing keyboard has hundreds of movie dialogues and quotes ready for you to share. Let me give you an example:

Send a sticker of “Hume tumse pyaar hai” with your avatar. Well, either your crush could be impressed or try to evade the situation. At that moment, you can just say it was a feature you wanted to show them! Well, what can I say, the Hindi keyboard app is what Circuit is to Munna Bhai. How? It believes in Circuit’s dialogue – “Bhai ne bola karneka matlab karneka”.

One thing that someone should always remember is to be yourself. You cannot win someone over by pretending to be what you’re not. You might be typing your heart in the chat, but in the end, just selecting it all and selecting the cut option. Life is too short to not try something. So hit that paste button again, and say whatever you want to someone before the moment passes. But what if copy something else by that time? Will the new message you type convey feelings in the same way as the previous one? Not to worry, not just has Hindi typing online become easy but the Hindi Keyboard app stores the messages you copy for one hour. As I said, this app gets you covered. So finally, if you love Rakhee’s dialogue “Mere Karan Arjun ayenge”, I can assure you, your crush will come to you too.

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