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How to Deal With Culture Shock in China More Easily





Most of the time, visiting, studying or working in China is positively life-changing due to the various cultural and working experiences. Sometimes the cultural experiences and challenges might become overwhelming, leading you to experience symptoms like boredom, homesickness and loneliness. This might lead you to experience culture shock while living, working or studying in the country. Learning how to accept and adapt to new cultural experiences is vital to better deal with and overcome culture shock. This will improve your working and teaching experience in China and offer a rewarding experience.

Ways to Deal with Culture Shock in China More Easily

  • Communication

When you first arrive in China, you might experience some communication challenges. Communication is an important aspect of society; most Chinese do not communicate in English. Getting ready to use your best skills at a hotel or restaurant or when asking for locations is vital. It’s important to download a translation application on your phone to help you during difficult situations. If you are taking a taxi, it’s important to have the address of your destination written down clearly in Chinese or on your phone.

  • Make new friends

Another way to deal with culture shock in China is making friends, which might prove to be a difficult task at first. Finding new friends, you can talk to and share your experiences while living and working in China is important. You can meet new people and make friends by joining online forums and using applications to join Chinese social meet-ups and study clubs. You will discover many expats teaching English in China that you can interact and share your experiences. Meeting people with the same interests and objective is a huge step in making new friends.

  • Local food and meals

There are plenty of Chinese cuisines that are different in various districts and regions in China. Ordering food at a Chinese restaurant might sometime prove to be difficult since finding menus written in English are few, and many of the dishes served are unrecognizable. If you have any dietary restrictions, it’s vital to explain these to your friend who understands the Chinese language or is written in Chinese to show to your waiter. When you arrive in china for the first few weeks, you will be more interested in trying the different Chinese dishes. Having a close friend or tour guide is vital to help you understand some of the best meals you can enjoy.

  • Talk with colleagues who have visited China before

Another way to deal with culture shock more easily in China is to talk with some of your friends who have been to China to learn from their experiences. Friends who have had experience living in China will provide you with reliable information and describe the real image of life in China. Talking with friends is helpful since they have gone through the culture shock stage and will provide you with relevant and constructive information on challenges you might face for the first time and what to expect while living in China.

Dealing with culture shock can be challenging for expats living, working, or who would like to teach English in Beijing or the major cities in China since the cultural experience and way of life in China is different from their home country. It’s essential to be open-minded and learn how to appreciate the new Chinese culture and get to know its cultural history and local language. Learning to accept and adapt to the unique cultural experiences in China while having a positive attitude and mindset will help you deal with and overcome culture shock more easily.

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