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How to find online deed information






You may have heard that you can find out who owns a property by online deed search. While this is true, there are some limitations on who can access and view the information. This article will explain how to use online deeds and what you should know before doing so.

Find the appropriate website.

The first step is to find the county website. If you don’t know which county your deed is for, search for “[County Name] County Clerk Office” and visit its page. This will direct you to all of their records, including deeds and other documents related to real estate transactions in your area.

To find out what other types of documents they may have available online, try searching by name or address instead of date range (this way you can see if there are any relevant ones). You may also want to narrow down what type of document(s) they have available by using categories like “sold” or “changed hands.”

Find your county’s website.

If you’re looking for a deed, the first thing to do is find your county’s website. Your county website will have information on how to search deeds and other related documents, including maps and photos of properties that are recorded in the county. The websites will also provide links to other counties if you are looking for a deed in another county (or even if you just want an overview of what’s available).

Contact your county clerk office.

If you’re looking for a deed, contact your county clerk office. The phone number is usually listed on the website of that county government, so look there first and then call if a contact information isn’t available.

If there are no contact details provided by the government website or if you don’t know how to find them, try searching online for “county clerk [your state]” or “county recorder [your state].” These terms will help bring up results from both public and private databases containing deeds from your area.

When contacting these offices, ask about fees and restrictions (such as age limits) before proceeding with an inquiry about finding a deed in their records; also note: many offices do not release public information unless specifically requested through an email request form or fax/phone call application process.)

If a search function is available, you’ll typically be asked to type in a name.

If a search function is available, you’ll typically be asked to type in a name. This can be done by address or property ID. You may also need to know the address of the property. If so, type that into your search query and click “Search.”

If you don’t know either of those things (or both), then it’s still possible for you to find what records are available online by using popular names associated with this specific parcel of land!

The search results will list several deeds, which will require more information to narrow it down.

The search results will list several deeds, which will require more information to narrow it down. You can click on the deed title and read more about the property.

You may want to contact the county clerk office for more information before making an offer on the property.

Once you’ve identified the deed you want, you can view it online.

Once you’ve identified the deed you want, you can view it online.

  • How to View Deed Information Online

To view a deed in California, follow these steps:

  • Click on your county’s record office’s website . This will take you directly to their site where they maintain all of their digital records (such as deeds).
  • Search for your property by its address or parcel number (if any). If there are multiple parcels with the same address and no parcel numbers are available online then use them as search criteria instead; this will help narrow down results quickly so that when we get closer to our goal date we won’t have too many hits!
  • Look through each record until something catches your eye—this could be anything from a name associated with one of these properties being listed as well as any other information such as dates associated with purchases made on specific parcels; whether those purchases were made by individuals living within close proximity; etcetera–and pull up any relevant documents related specifically towards helping us learn more about who owns what land today

You can find out who owns a property by searching deeds online.

If you’re interested in finding out who owns a property, search for deeds online.

Deeds are documents that show the legal ownership of real estate. You can find information about them on the Internet, but it’s always best to contact a land records office in your county or state to get official copies of any recorded documents related to a property.


As you can see, there are multiple ways to find out who owns a property. The method that works best depends on the information you have and how much time you want to invest in researching. If you’re looking for a quick answer and don’t mind doing some legwork yourself, then it’s probably best to search online or contact your county clerk office directly. If however, finding out who owns an address isn’t as important an issue in your life right now

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