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How to Improve the Feedback of the Mobile App at the Creation Stage?



How to Improve the Feedback of the Mobile App at the Creation Stage?

How to Improve the Feedback of the Mobile App at the Creation Stage?

Most of you believe that creating a mobile takes a lot of time and effort. For some specific apps, you also need hours of planning and careful considerations of several factors. Even after so much hard work, planning, and time, there is no guarantee that an app will taste success. With the introduction of so many different software in this modern era, designing an app has become simple. One app-building platform that can help you in such matters is Andromo. However, despite the more straightforward design process, you still require time, planning, and money to launch an app.

You will come across several apps that have never become popular amongst users. One big reason behind this is the failure of the app builders to understand the requirements of their app users. It will not be a bad idea to develop an app that you know users will want to use instead of making one that you think people will use. There is no need for your idea to be perfect from the very go. Nonetheless, you should be open to suggestions and criticisms that will help you improve your app and fix any bugs that may be there.

Is User Feedback Necessary?

Times change, and so do user requirements. Thus, your app must stay at par with the changing times and needs. Gathering all the user feedback you receive is one of the best ways to understand what your users want. It will also give you ideas to improve your app in the long run.

With the rising competition in the mobile app market, you must create an app that gives value to your users, is engaging, and is functional. Simply gathering the feedback will not help. You also need to take steps to act upon the feedback. If you fail to do so, your users may feel offended and unimportant.

Helps You Understand the Features That Require Improvement

You will know your app and the various features that are present. However, sometimes, you may fail to see some or all of the imperfections in your app. Any app developer needs to get an insight into what the users prefer in the app in terms of functionalities.

As an app developer, you need to remember that you should always listen to your users. Since the app is made especially for them, it should always be as close to their needs and preferences as possible. However, always make sure that you listen to the most helpful feedback. Some or most of the feedback you receive may not be useful for improving the app.

Helps Your Users Feel Important

From an app developer’s point of view, asking for regular feedback about the app from your users makes them feel important. They start believing that they are an active part of the app and can help you make the app better. Once your users feel essential, they will automatically give you positive feedback about your brand and share their good experiences with others.

Gives Rise to Personal Recommendation

When it comes to purchasing decisions amongst users, one of the top reasons for purchase is personal recommendations. Referrals are free and yet one of the most effective ways of advertising. It is just like a word-of-mouth kind of advertising.

If you wish that your app gets users through referrals, you need to ensure that your existing users leave positive feedback. Thanking your users for every referral that they make makes them feel happy and motivated.

How to Improve Your Mobile App Feedback at the Creation Stage?

While chalking out ideas to design an app using an app-building platform, such as Andromo, you must keep various factors in mind. These factors help you move along a guided path towards making a user-friendly app. However, it is still possible to improve your app user feedback during the creation stage.

A simple way to do so is to use your app at every stage of its creation process. It is essential to understand that theoretically, some points may seem logical. However, unless you use it practically, you cannot be sure. Using your app before you launch it in the market will help you get a firsthand experience of where your app is doing great and where it needs some improvement.

Simple Ways to Gather User Feedback

It is straightforward to gather feedback from your app users. There are different ways for you to collect such information. Once you have gathered all of them, it is up to you to judge which ones are significant for improving your app.

  • In-App Surveys and Contact Forms: This direct method is one of the most effective ways to gather user feedback. Make a form and make sure that it is located in the most accessible area of your app.
  • App Pop-Ups: Users will receive a pop-up on your app while using it. This can help you gather some feedback. However, do remember that pop-ups tend to block the main screen. Some users may find this quite irritating.
  • Targeted Questions: Start by segmenting your users according to the app functionalities that they use the most. Ask them targeted questions about the functionality that they use. This will make sure that your users feel comfortable answering the questions that you ask them.

Improving your app even after the creation stage is crucial to stay at par with the competition. This will not just ensure that your users feel happy using your app; it will also ensure that they remain loyal to you. Even the slightest factor that irritates your user in these competitive times may force them to switch to your competitors.

Even before you start gathering feedback from your users, it will help you define your primary objective of collecting such information. Then, after concluding the feedback, carry out a comprehensive data analysis and adjust the roadmap for your app accordingly. An app becomes popular only if the users are happy with it. If they are unhappy, your app may find it tough to stay active in the long run.

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