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How Vingo App Makes You Fitter by the Day



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Online Fitness is the ongoing trend these days and there are numerous new apps coming out into the market. No matter how flashy they seem, they can’t beat the original. We’re talking about Vingo, the original and the best online running/cycling app.

The app uses state-of-the-art virtual reality to give people a fresh new experience while they exercise. It does so, using its advanced technological features and ingenuity. If you’re new to this online fitness game, here are a few things about the app that will help you decide how to go, and what to do.

Better Experience for Better Motivation

The basic underlying point about the app is that people will perform well, if motivated well enough. You can’t keep pushing people to exercise when they are not mentally motivated enough. Instead, you can present them with a comfortable space to work-out and watch them motivate themselves to get fit.

In this sense, the app gives people their own personal virtual space, where they can run, jog, or cycle, as they would do on an adventurous trip. The sense of exhilaration that comes along will take out the stress in their exercise and turn the process into a better experience.

Clean Virtual World That Excites You

Inside the app, you can find numerous virtual locations to exercise on. These locations, or maps, are designed from real locations from around the world. This is to make sure you don’t feel alienated while you exercise.

Once you install the app on your smart device, you can place the device in front of you with the screen turned towards you. You can then connect the app with your treadmill or your indoor exercise bike and that’s it. It’s as simple as that.

Run Faster with ANT+ Sensors

This app as we mentioned earlier is fitted with some of the best innovations in electronics. A good example will be the ANT+ sensors. These sensors, as you know, allow multiple devices to be connected together via Bluetooth. Furthermore, they can accurately assess your movements on your equipment and feed the data to the app. The app then designs the virtual world on the screen, based on your selected maps and your movements.

For example, if you have selected the Iceland map, with a hard challenge, for a cycling exercise, you will notice that your avatar on the app will cycle just like you do in real life. Only there, the avatar will be in Iceland and you will be comfortably riding your bike in your home.

Best Technology For Overall Ease of Use

You never have to get bored from indoor exercises again with this amazing app. The best part of this technology is that it is being put for a great use. With a lot of people wasting their time on gaming apps, you are going to use the run go app to get fit. Stop wasting time & get fit easily with this app. Feel proud that you are working on yourself and your fitness.

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