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Organize Your Things At Home With These Five Wicker Storage Baskets



Wicker Storage Baskets

Wicker Storage Baskets

As humans as we are, we all love to buy different things we love, such as books, toys, cart materials, CD’s, magazines, sculptures, and more; not because we want to waste our money, but because we love collecting those things and for us, they are one of the essential things that you love to keep.

One of the hard things in life is to keep all your beautiful things organized, especially if you don’t have enough time cleaning your own house. You don’t have to buy expensive storage boxes to store and segregate your things because wicker storage baskets can help you with that problem. Here are some of the best wicker baskets you can buy with a breathtaking design.

Woven Wicker Storage Bins With Lid

These woven wicker baskets are best when you want a simple storage basket to store all the things you bought for the past years. They are being sold in sets of three, where you have the option to put them on top of one another or simply place them separately.

These baskets are versatile because you can use the bigger size as a storage box for your kid’s toys and books. For the small-sized basket, you can use it as a storage box for your skincare products, bathroom essentials, makeup, cat-treats, sucks, underwear, CDs, and more. All of the products are made of 100% seagrass material, making them durable.

They used a natural brown color to make it more rustic and eye-catchy to everyone inside the house. The design of the baskets is perfect for any type of interior design because of their versatile look.

Decorative Woven Cotton Rope Basket

This woven cotton rope basket is perfect for your kid’s bedroom; it has a light color of white and grey that would blend perfectly in with your kid’s room. The basket has an extra-large jumbo size of “22×14,” big enough to store all your kid’s toys, books, pillows, and stuff toys, and aside from that, it is easy to use; all you have to do is put all inside.

Besides being toy storage, this basket has a multi-purpose function like making it practical storage to your boring ones, where you can place them in your living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and more. This vast basket is made of high-quality materials; they are soft to touch, sturdy, and very comfortable when carrying heavy loads around the house.

Fine Seagrass Wicker Basket

This wicker basket is one of the popular ones during this pandemic, especially when people start unleashing new skills like becoming a plant mom. Not only do they add up colors inside your house, but they can also store all your indoor plants in safety away from your pets and, of course, keeping your home clean when you water them.

These baskets are handwoven using the finest seagrass in the world, making them durable and long-lasting. They are also the versatile type of storage exclusive for planters, but you can also use them as a storage bin, laundry items, clothes, baby toys, beddings, restroom, kid room, or living room.

Kouboo Kobo Square Rattan Storage

These Kouboo Kobo rattan baskets are very stylish and beautiful that would easily complement any interior design. It has a unique design with a large amount of storage space that is not only ideal for your living room, but you can also place this basket inside your bathroom as laundry storage in your kid’s room as toy storage.

These baskets are handwoven using the finest high-quality rattan material with a size of 20 inches long and wide and a height of 18.5 inches high with 22 inches handles. These baskets are not that expensive because you can buy them for $99.99 and already available in the market.

Large Wicker Basket By Household Essentials

If you are searching for a tough and long-lasting type of wicker basket, then these wicker baskets from the Household essentials are what you’ve been searching for in the market.  These baskets can add a sophistication look inside your house and patio at no time because of its rustic design; it blends easily in any type of interior design.

This basket is made of high-quality wickers with a vast wicker floor and braided hands, handwoven from water hyacinth. The basket has a size of 18.5 inches high, 20.01 inches wide, and 20.01 inches deep. Perfect for storing any kind of thing!


Wicker baskets are perfect for any household because of their environmentally friendly materials and their unique and rustic designs.

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