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Signs You May Want To Use CPQ Software For Your Business 



Signs You May Want To Use CPQ Software For Your Business 

Signs You May Want To Use CPQ Software For Your Business 

Many companies are utilising CPQ (Configure Price Quote) software that is helping their businesses become more successful. The software is an excellent tool when the products or services you provide to your customers are complex and can be customised to suit the customer’s requirements. The software can help your team automate the quoting system for your business and ensure you are not under-selling your products or service.

Below are some of the signs your company may benefit from using CPQ software that can help take your business to the next level.

Your Pricing Is Complex

If various factors affect the price of your products or services, making them complex, you may want to consider using CPQ software to make the lives of your salespeople much easier. The software can automatically create a pricing structure to not only ensure you do not undersell your services or products, but also to make sure the customer gets a fair deal. There are many options of sales proposal software you can consider using for your business, so finding one that will be suitable for your business should not be much of a problem.

You Bundle Your Products Or Services Together

You may find that you often bundle services or products together to tailor packages for your customer’s requirements. If this is the case with your business, then CPQ software can benefit it and help to ensure it remains profitable. You can ensure that your services or products are sold for a minimum price and quickly have a quote for the customers.

Approval Rules For Your Quotes

The software can negate the need to have an employee manually approve quotes, and you can set rules within the software to ensure the quotes are always profitable for your business. It can help speed up the sales process and ensure that all your sales teams are quoting accurately and helping to make the business profitable.

You Sell In Multiple Currencies

If you are selling your products or service in various countries and using different currencies, this can complicate the process of making an accurate quote. However, CPQ software can help you with this and ensure your quotes are accurate in any currency you want to use. You can also configure the software to use different languages to have a suitable quote created for any market in the world.

Your Quotes Are Complex

When there are many things to include in your quotes, and they are complicated, a CPQ software can aid you to cope with them. An excellent CPQ software can help make it less complex and ensure all quotes are accurate, so no matter how complicated they get, the quote will be correct when generated using the software.



You Have Rules For Discounting

If you give your sales team some leeway and allow them to offer discounts, you may want to use CPQ software to help with this. When the sales team generates a quote for the products or services you supply and issue a discount, the software will ensure that it meets the criteria set and does not offer a too high discount.

You will want to investigate the various options of CPQ software available, and it can help streamline the quoting process for your business and make it more profitable.

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