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5 Steps to Fitness with the Vingo App





For those of you who are new to this, here’s a short version of the trend. Vingo, the latest and the best app for online work-outs is revolutionising the fitness world with its amazing virtual reality.

People are logging into the app every day to go on online running or online cycling sessions, all the while exploring the world. The app is filled with a lot of exciting features and it is easy to use too. Here is how you can get fit the fun way with the app.

Install the App in Your Device

First, you need to install the app on your smart device. You can do it in either your smartphone, or your iPad or even your smart television. The app works just fine in any of them. The app developers had recently posted an update about the app being available in Apple’s App Store. You can access and install the app on your iPhone directly from there. This is only the first step in your journey to fitness.

Connect the App with ANT+ Sensors

Next, you need to connect the app with your treadmill or your exercise bike. This, you can do with your regular Bluetooth connection.

As an additional feature, the Vingo app has been enabled with ANT+ sensors. These sensors allow you to connect several devices at once. So, you can connect the app with your equipment and also with other devices such as your Bluetooth speakers, smart watches and AirPods. Also, these sensors accurately monitor your movements and project them on your screen.

Set a Fitness / Workout Goal

Once you are connected with the app, you can start your work-out adventure. You can select from a range of virtual locations in the app and jump into them.

To make your fitness journey more challenging, you can set targets and select goals with the app. The app then suggests challenging tasks to be completed. You can complete the tasks by taking inputs from the app or your own stylish way. Either way, you will get fit in no time at all.

Get an Accountability Partner

You can also invite your friends and family into this wonderful app. This will help you boost your morale. Also, you can go on running/cycling adventures with your loved ones and you won’t feel the stress in your exercises.

Or, you can team up with your partner and compete with them. A healthy competition between you two will take you a long way together.

Workout Continuously & Get Fit

This is the most crucial part of the list. Whatever workout plan you have, it will not be fruitful unless you stick to it. You should be ready to sweat in order to experience the sweet changes. Use the app continuously and see the changes in your body in real-time.

The app is being used by millions of people across the world. There is no dearth of challenges and fun inside this virtual cycling app. Join them and explore the world all the while your work-out.

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