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The Advantages of Decorating Your Wall with Wall Stencils



The Advantages of Decorating Your Wall with Wall Stencils

The Advantages of Decorating Your Wall with Wall Stencils

Wall paints are a thing of the past. The new wall design in vogue is patterned surfaces. It has become a statement style and can enhance a room’s decor immensely. Often people opt for designer wallpapers to adorn the walls. No doubt, wallpapers have their own charm, but at times they can be too costly and beyond the reach of the common people. But there is an affordable alternative that can equally make your wall look amazing. Using wall stencils, you can achieve the patterned wall of your desire.

The advantages of using a wall stencil

  • Highly affordable

To cover an entire wall with patterned or printed wallpaper, you may have to spend a considerable amount of money. But a wall stencil is a cost-effective alternative to wallpapers that will give you more or less the same effect. If you are ready to spend $50 dollars or so, you will get good quality classic or geometric patterned stencils.

  • Can change the style whenever you want

As such, wallpapers are expensive. So, people who opt for placing wallpapers to beautify their walls do not change them frequently. But don’t you get bored looking at the same wall years after years?

On the other hand, if you have used large wall stencils, you can change the design anytime you feel. You will only need to repaint the wall to get a new design stenciled.

  • Moisture cannot damage the pattern

If you desire a creative pattern in a specific room that is susceptible to moisture, stencils are your ideal option. Stenciling is nothing but the process of creating designs with paint and a thin sheet of patterned art. So, they will not come off the surface of the wall. But the same cannot be said for the wallpapers.

If you can do the task yourself, you can save a lot of money. Here are some tips you can follow if you undertake to stencil your own walls.

  • Get the outline sketch done with a pencil first

Always use a pencil to sketch the design out. Doing so will give you an idea of what your wall will look like with the pattern, and if any mistakes happen, like alignment issues, you will have the option to rectify any possible errors.

  • Do a patch testing 

Before you commence stenciling the whole wall, do a patch test. Often, the color we choose may not appear vibrant on a wall. Or maybe you need to check what combination will come out well. For getting all these things right, patch testing of a small portion of the wall is needed.

  • Use a painter’s tape to hold the stencil in place

Stencils may be small or big in size. Usually, wall stencils are larger in size because you have to cover a huge area with them. So, keeping them in place while you paint is a challenging task because if they move from their place, your design will be in jeopardy. So, to hold them in position, you can use painter’s tape that can be easily removed once the whole task gets done.


Stenciling is an easy and affordable way to change the decor of your room. Moreover, you can do it yourself.

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