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Tips for Tracking your Print Marketing Campaign





Print marketing is more popular than you can imagine. Although most companies adopt digital marketing, offline marketing still holds its place in business promotion.

However, tracking print marketing efforts is more challenging than digital marketing campaigns. You will want to monitor how many individuals respond to your advertisement. And this gives an idea of how successful your efforts are.

When following your print marketing strategy, try these strategies.

  1. Use benefit codes

Letter and number codes are one of the most popular techniques used by businesses to track print marketing initiatives. Include a legend and a call to action in the advertisement. Moreover, encourage viewers to go to your website and enter the code to receive a discount or other perk. You can keep tabs on who used the coupon and even what they purchased using it.

Also, you can determine how to change your method by knowing how many people used the code and what they bought. This will give you a fair estimate of the amount of return you are getting from the adverts.

  1. Include a call tracking software

 Call-tracking software is handy for flyer tracking campaigns. It will give you e clear picture of the effectiveness of your flyer distribution campaign is performing using call-tracking software on each print marketing campaign. Include a call to action encouraging customers to get in touch with your business, and monitor the number of calls received at the number you placed on your ads.

The program will be configured such that calls go to the primary number, but each advertisement should have a unique tracking number. This way, you will know which ads are generating the most calls.

  1. Ask customers 

Many businesses that use print marketing efforts fail to use this technique. Reach out to your consumers and find out how they discovered your business and what prompted them to choose you. By speaking with your customers, you will know which aspects of your marketing are attractive to consumers.

  1. Brand surveys

If you haven’t had the chance to or don’t feel comfortable asking clients how they learned about you, you can today by announcing a brand survey. Send a brief survey asking for comments and details on how they learned about your company. Connect your study to a promotion or reward to increase response rates.

Technological gadget to help with your offline marketing campaigns

Technological devices are utilized in digital marketing for online marketing. Below are technological gadgets that will aid you in your print marketing campaigns.

  • A laptop

Laptops are much essential in your print marketing. The only difference between them and desktops is that they are portable and you can carry them anywhere. A laptop will come in handy when it comes to printings your flyers. You can use it to edit and include necessary information on your flyers.

  • Smartphone

You will need a mobile phone to communicate effectively with your service providers. It also makes it easy for clients to locate you at any time.

Wrapping up

Print marketing works for both small and grand businesses. However, learning how to monitor and track your flyers goes a long way. Hire the services of an experienced company and enjoy improved traffic and conversions.

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