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Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Tech-Savvy People



Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts

With Christmas being right around the corner, these gadgets might just be the best gift for your tech-savvy friends and family!

Wondering what to gift your gadget-obsessed friend or family member for Christmas? In all honesty, tech gifts have become increasingly popular. They’re not all about the hype, they’re extremely handy and without any donut makes our lives a little more exciting.

Today, almost every product on the market can be technologically innovative. Do you want to grow plants? There’s a tech device for it. Have you been working 8 hours straight and worried about your posture? There are pretty cool apps for that.

Whether you have a tech lover friend or you’re married to a gadget-guru, truthfully your loved ones deserve a gift this Christmas that is much better than a normal gift card. We’ve picked some tech gifts that may be something your loved one would look forward to. These gifts are bound to impress even the hardest person to please!

  1. Zink Polaroid ZIP Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer

We have to admit that even in today’s highly digital-driven world, there’s still nothing that can replace a hard copy. It’s just on whole another level. Sure it’s exciting to have a new phone and take DSLR quality photos on it, but that doesn’t beat the feeling of having your memories on a hard copy.

This Polaroid ZIP is the perfect gift to someone who wishes to go back to the time when it was exciting to get their photos printed, and by using this gadget, you can get your hands on your photos instantly.

Simply connect your smartphone, iPad, Android, or any other smart device to this portable gadget via Wi-Fi to witness your portrait selfies or social media photos in physical pictures within just a couple of minutes!

The best part is that it’s made into a travel size design so you can print out your pictures while on vacation. There is more than one color and option that you can choose from, so head on to Amazon to choose!

  1. Google Nest Audio

Google just announced in their blog post that Google Nest speakers such as the Nest Audio now have access to Apple Music. Apple’s streaming service is going to roll out as part of the update to Google smart speakers on December 7.

The Nest Audio easily adapts to its environment and what you’re listening to, which makes music sound much better. You can further create your very own home audio system with the Nest Audio.

In fact, the Nest Audio works very well with any of your other Nest speakers and displays, devices that are Chromecast-enabled, or other compatible speakers. From getting weather updates to current news, the Nest Audio will answer each and every question of yours, just like Google.

Moreover, it’s thoughtfully designed for your home and is beautiful in its appearance. You can purchase these at Ohio Edison FirstEnergy for $99.99 or directly from Google itself. This will be an unforgettable gift for your loved one that will go a long way.

  1. Fizzi One Touch

We can all agree that sparkling water has been the in thing for quite some time now. The Fizzi One Touch machine from SodaStream has the option to choose from three carbonated levels. It’ll transform your flat water into sparkling water within just a few seconds.

This has a slimmer look than SodaStream’s traditional machine and further has a sleek water bottle which is reusable. It’ll fit perfectly well in your loved ones kitchen, and in fact make it look all the more modern

There’s no rocket science involved in how to operate the bottle. It’s easy to load and has a snap-lock bottle insertion. It comes alongside a power adapter. If your loved one loves a good sparkling drink, this would be the perfect gift to them. You can purchase it for $119.65 at William-Sonoma.

  1. Eero

We think it’s a necessity in today’s era to have a speedy and reliable Wi-Fi router.  Eero’s highly advanced system has made it possible to cover every nook and corner of your house in its Wi-Fi “mesh”. By having a simple plug-and-play installation, you’re good to go.

Amazon’s Eero Pro Mesh Wi-Fi system easily replaces your traditional Wi-Fi router, by simply having a Wi-Fi extender, and an internet booster that will cover almost 4 bedrooms with its mesh network.

It takes just a few minutes to set up this internet router and as compared to traditional Wi-Fi routers, your loved one can use its user-friendly app to troubleshoot, or reach out to Eero’s support team and be attended to within 60 seconds. You can purchase this at Amazon for $399.

  1. Tozo W1 Wireless Charger

Who hates jumbled up wires? We sure do and we’re certain, so do your family and friends. It not only consumes SO much space but untangling them is just another chore. Which is why, you should consider getting the Tozo W1 Wireless Charger as a Christmas gift for your loved one.

It’s the slimmest wireless charger out there, with an aviation aluminum and durable mirror panel. In fact, it’s pretty fashionable, especially if your loved one is a tech savvy person. It not only has a built in charger, but comes with a short-circuit and overheating protection.

Moreover, it also has changing color breath LED lights that lets you know once it’s ready to be charged, when it’s charging, and when it’s fully charged. You can purchase this for just $12 at Amazon.

Technology Rarely Disappoints

These tech gadgets are sure to make this Christmas for our loved one a memorable one. Technology always comes handy, and it has a long life. From voice assistant to wireless charging, you’ve more than one option on what you should give this Christmas.

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