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Top Essay Editing Tips





Essays need to be reviewed, revised, edited, and marinated before submission. Once and done kind of writing will only eat into your grades. Such an approach will even dilute an otherwise excellent discussion. Avoid poor grades and wasted efforts by hiring the best essay editing service UK to polish your paper.

Editing is construed to mean checking spelling and other grammatical errors. In some cases, some students will read through the paper a second time and assume to have edited it. However, editing goes beyond that. It might explain why you need a professional editor to push your grades higher. Here are the best essay editing tips for college students.

Print the essay

An essay feels different when read on paper than on the screen. A paper comes with a sense of finality which will push you to review the words and phrases on the paper. You will easily identify mistakes compared to reading from the same screen where you drafted the paper.

Printing helps you to highlight problematic areas like spelling, misplaced words, wrong citations, and passive language. You will then return to the soft copy and edit the areas you have identified. While you might want to remain eco-friendly by not printing, you will polish your paper better once you edit a printed copy.

Read it aloud 

Read the essay aloud and listen to each word, phrase, sentence, and paragraph. Reading silently may cause you to skip some of the errors. Reading out loudly causes you to see each mistake since the eyes are reading whatever is written on the page.

Reading out loud helps you to identify errors in phrasing. The mind is alert to identify parts of a sentence or a group of sentences that does not sound right. You can relate more sentences and phrases easily when you read out loud, helping you to correct any mistakes you could have made while writing.

Use instructions as a checklist

The prompt and any other instructions issued should guide you during editing. These instructions point at the formatting style to use, the perspective to approach the essay with, the topic of discussion, and length, among other aspects of writing. The instructions will also indicate reference materials to use. These factors must be reflected in your essay.

The instructions provide the easiest checklist. If you have adhered to the formatting style, you can tick that aspect out of your editing checklist. All other aspects like the structure, length, citations, and bibliography will follow the same pattern. Instructions offer the best editing guide because your tutor will be using the same instructions to grade your paper.

Wait a while

Do not edit your paper immediately after you finish writing. Let it lie for a while before returning to edit. The mind is likely to still hold bias over your writing. You are likely to miss some glaring errors because the mind can still remember what and how you were supposed to write.

The trick will only work if you complete the paper early. Plan to finish writing early and let the paper lie unedited for a day or two. By the time you return, it will read like a new book. The mind will have lost familiarity, helping you to identify errors easily. You will produce a better-edited copy in the process.



Look out for clichés

Each writer is prone to cliché. These are words that you repeat in almost every sentence or paragraph. The words make your paper feel repetitive. Weed cliché out of your writing and give your readers a smooth ride through the paragraphs.

Check spellings

Spelling mistakes will derail your discussion, result in confusion, or cause the reader not to understand your point. Read through the paper once with the specific aim of removing typing and spelling mistakes.

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Word-generating software highlights the typos, making them easier to identify. However, autocorrect options on word-processing software sometimes result in the word you did not intend to use for your paper. Such errors will not be picked by the word-processing software. You have to pick them while you read the paper out loud or review it several times.

Use editing apps

Editing does not have to be a manual exercise. Technology has allowed the use of editing apps, making writing easier. The apps are so advanced that they edit your paper as you write. You might, therefore, not need to review the paper once you are done with writing.

Editing apps focus on several editing issues and could be more accurate than human editors. After all, the app does not experience fatigue and cannot be blind-sided by biases. You have to pay a small fee to access some of the most advanced editing apps. The apps also explain the errors, helping you to improve your writing skills. You have the option of declining an editing action.

Counter check the structure 

The structure is a crucial part of any essay. It is defined by the instructions or prompts provided before you begin writing the essay. The cover page must be accurately written with all the details that you need to include. The introduction must arouse the curiosity of any reader who comes across your paper. Include other crucial chapters like the literature review, data analysis and presentation, and conclusion. You may use a sample to help you accurately get the structure of your essay.

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Review citations and references 

Citations and references are crucial nexus in the academic world. They direct readers to the source of your ideas and materials, helping them to read more or understand your perspective. Capture these references and citations accurately.

Use samples obtained from credible sources. At the same time, you may use citation and reference apps. Accurate citation and referencing is the only way to help readers to follow up your discussion on other books and articles.

Hire a professional editor if you doubt your editing skills. Professional editors give your paper a third-eye review. The editors must be trained and experienced to help you produce the best paper. It also helps if you can find an editor who understands the technical bits about your subject of discussion. He will polish the paper better.

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