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UX vs UI design – What is the difference?  



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UX vs UI is an often researched query – this article will help you get a clearer picture of the main differences between the two. While both terms are often used interchangeably with each other – as one cannot really function without the other – UX and UI design cover different processes and services if you’re looking to hire an agency.

Read on and find out how UX and UI are different from each other, and how each can benefit your business!

UX vs UI design – How are they different?

UX and UI design are both terms used in the development of either physical or digital products. As you will see, they can often overlap – which is why many don’t differentiate between the two – but they are both distinct processes which cover different methods employed by UI and UX agencies.

  • In web development, UI (user interface) design is about the look and style of your site. Any visual element, such as icons, buttons, typography, your brand logo, screens and so on are covered by the UI process. As such, UI is more about surface elements – almost like decorations, paint jobs, and furniture in a house.
  • As for UX (user experience) design, it covers the complete interaction someone may have with a product or a website. This includes how easy it is to use and understand a site or an app, and how users feel about using the product itself. Essentially, this means UX focuses on functionality: making your website or product work as it should, without causing any frustrating experiences for users. Just like a house needs running water, electricity, windows, doors, and stairs to be comfortable to live in.

In a way, one could argue that UI vs UX design isn’t even really a question of which one to choose. The main reason why both terms are used interchangeably in web development and tech circles is that both are needed to achieve the best result possible. If your website doesn’t look the part and feels dated, users will be quick to move away from the site and look for other alternatives. Even if you are an expert in your field, and have tons of informative content on your website, if it isn’t organized in a way that is logical to your users, or God forbid loads way too slowly, 

To make a long story short, UI and UX design both share a common goal – increasing customer satisfaction by making your digital platform look and feel good. The main differences lie in what methods and elements they cover to achieve that goal.

UI vs UX design agency – What difference should I expect in their services?

UI vs UX design services differ mainly in what results they aim to achieve to create a working website that caters to your users’ needs. If you’re unsure about which one you need, it mostly depends on the state of your website, but hiring a UI or UX agency can also help you in deciding which elements should be updated to increase your conversion rate. 

Companies like Ergomania UX agency offer UI design services as well.

Here are some examples to help you differentiate between the UI vs UX services of an agency:

UX agency services

  • Conducting quantitative and/or qualitative research to learn more about your target audience. This includes goals, needs, expectations, fears – any potentially positive or negative point that may come up when users interact with your product or website. User interviews and user testing are both good examples of methods employed by UX agencies.
  • User personas – one of the ways the research conducted by a UX agency can be put to good use. These are fictional representations of your ideal customers based on the data gathered about your users’ behaviour.
  • Customer journey maps – shows how users interact with your website or app. Perfect for fine-tuning the design process, uncovering functions users may have missed, and focusing on creating a platform that can directly support your business goals. In a nutshell, this is about leading your users where they need to go.

UI agency services

  • Organizing the layout of your webpage – positioning each element in a way that is visually appealing, and helps users understand site structure.
  • Choosing what colours and fonts to use. Apart from being attractive, this can also serve in highlighting elements that are part of the UX design process, such as call to actions.
  • Designing interactive elements, e.g. text fields, buttons, drop-down menus etc.

UX vs UI design – the main differences in a nutshell

To sum up this article, here are the main differences listed between UX vs UI design:

  • UX – designing interactions vs UI – designing visual elements
  • UX – charting the customer journey vs UI – choosing colours and typography
  • UX – planning site architecture vs UI – planning site aesthetics
  • UX – offering wireframes, prototypes, market research vs UI – offering mockups, layouts, graphics

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