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What Is a Solar Battery and How Does It Work?



Solar panels are bringing sunshine into everyone’s homes more and more each day. Not only is the idea that you can use the sun to power all your appliances incredible, but solar power is a huge benefit to your wallet as well as the environment. But if you’re using all your energy, why is there a need for solar batteries? And what is their purpose?

Well, electricity in your home won’t always be produced and used at once: it needs to store somewhere if nothing’s turned on. And solar panels don’t store any power themselves!

That’s where solar batteries come into play. So let’s take a look at what makes a solar battery and how it works.

How Do Solar Panels and Batteries Work?

Solar panels are installed on a rooftop to harness solar energy. When combined with a solar battery, they are the most popular combination for collecting solar power.

These collect energy from the sun, store it in a battery system, and then provide an electrical current to your home or business once electricity demand is high enough. Read on to learn more about how this works.

Like any regular battery system, you need a positive and a negative electrode to go through chemical reactions that generate electrical current.

The electrolyte separates the two electrodes into layers in solar systems. One acts as the positive terminal for power generation, and the other acts as the negative terminal for power consumption.

How Are Solar Batteries Made?

Solar batteries are sometimes lead-acid-like car batteries. But most today are lithium-ion, which is less toxic and easier to recycle.

The most commonly used are cobalt, manganese, nickel, iron phosphate, and lithium as their materials. However, they can come in different shapes and sizes, depending on the power capacity required.

Once made, a solar installation expert like Blue Raven Solar comes to your house and installs the battery. Then, they test it to make sure it’s working appropriately and advise on how best to prolong its life.

Why Use a Solar Battery?

Why use a solar battery when you have solar panels? The short answer is, it’s all about storage.

Solar panel output can change throughout the day. That will affect the amount of energy you need at any given time.

A battery helps smooth out this fluctuation. It flattens your peaks and troughs of electricity demand, whether that’s from your own solar or a time of use tariff. It also gives you some peace of mind that there’s always enough juice available for your home or business.

Solar batteries are lithium-ion batteries like those found in cars and mobile phones. These batteries aren’t only used for solar energy, though. They can also be a backup for your home in case of emergencies like power outages.

A Solar Battery Gives You The Power

By integrating your solar power system and your EV’s two-way power flow with Dcbel, you have the potential to reduce your utility bill to zero, or even power your house using EV’s battery during a blackout or periods of the day when electricity rates are high.

It may seem like a costly investment at first, but you’ll soon be reaping the rewards of a brighter future!

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