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How to Use Heat Shrink Tubing: 5 Essential Steps



Using heat shrink tubing is an amazing way to secure any electrical connection. They come in different sizes, can be colored, white, or clear, and have extreme adhesive properties if used correctly. 

The task is easy and requires around 5 minutes of your time if you’re a beginner and 2 minutes if you’re a pro. You will also require high-quality heat shrink tubing, available at WirefyShop is a great place to buy connectors of any diameter, as well as wire shrink wrap.

If you already have a heat shrink tubing kit, get your wires lined up, and let’s see how to use heat shrink tubing.

5 Steps to a Perfect Heat Shrink Wrap without Hassle

Heat shrink tubing can hold a large freight and is used in all kinds of applications, from simple home-based ones to military marine. And although it has such great properties, it’s very easy to apply it:

  1. Choose a proper kit.
    Look for universal kits on WirefyShop to always have the needed tubing around. They come in different diameters, fitting various wires. Don’t choose a tube that is inch-to-inch similar to the wire. It has to slide on, so the sleeve has to be larger than the cable. Also, choose a tube with a proper shrinking ratio to ensure a proper connection.
  2. Measure the length.
    Measure how much tubing you need for the job. Make sure it’s a bit longer than needed to cover some insulation on the existing wire. Also, keep in mind the shrinking ratio since the tube will shrink longitudinally. The rate is around 5-15%, depending on the tubing you use.
  3. Cut the tubing to the needed length.
    Use sharp scissors to cut the length of the tubing according to your measurements. It’s always better to leave some more than to do the job once again because the tubing is too short.
  4. Slide the tube.
    Put it on the wire and make sure it slides freely, even if the wire has unusual bumps. The tube has to cover the exposed part of the wire and some insulation to provide more security.
  5. Heat-shrink.
    Have a heat gun nearby to finish the application. Heat the tubing from all sides, make sure every spot gets enough temperature to shrink and secure the connection. If you focus only on one spot, both the tubing and the wire will be damaged. Continue the process until you see that the tube is wrapped tightly around the wire.

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As you can see, it’s very easy. Be careful with measurements and using the heating gun, and your connection will be strong and tight. This is one of the easiest jobs you can do with most wires there the insulation is damaged.

Only choose reliable shops to buy cable heat shrink from. WirefyShop, Home Depot, Lowes are all great places with a large list of products. You can also search “electrical connectors shop near me”, and find out where you can get high-quality tubing ASAP.

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