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8 Online Cricket Games for Phones You Should Play in 2021



Online Cricket Games

Online Cricket Games

Indians get hooked to their televisions to enjoy a scheduled cricket match with their families and friends. They are so much fascinated about cricket that they prefer enjoying it in all formats and platforms. This fascination is one of the reasons behind the raging popularity of the cricket simulating games Indians play on their smartphones.

Over the years, the advancement in mobile technology has led the foundation to develop such games. As a result, top game developers have created great franchises to seek the attention of this cricket gaming clan and have been immensely successful. In this article, we will discuss 8 such fascinating cricket simulating apps that have stolen the attention of Indian cricket lovers.

Top 8 cricket simulator apps for smartphones

  1. Real Cricket 20

This is one of the simplest cricket simulators you can download from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The graphics of this game includes well-structured stadiums, players’ motions, ball physics, and other features that are a must for enjoying cricket on a virtual platform. The realistic feel makes it a great choice for cricket fans offering male and female commentary, exclusive batting styles, easy controls, and different gaming modes (2P Vs. 2P, 1 Vs. 1, etc).

Find different tournaments and events such as World Cups, Asia Cups, Ashes, IPL, etc to participate and perform with your chosen team. Make a team of your choice and start competing with your friends.

  1. World Cricket Championship 2 (WCC2)

WCC2 is one of the most-lauded cricket simulator gaming applications you can find in the stores. This cricket app has multiple lucrative features keeping the players hooked to its interface. More than 150 batting variations and bowling actions are incorporated into its architecture.

Its WCC2 download and installation feature enables you to start playing right away. Enjoy the gameplay with 18 international teams, 10 domestic teams, and 42 stadiums. You can also play the ODI series, World Cup, international and domestic T-20 series, and Blitz Tournament with your pals and peers. Enjoy the different angles of the cameras and umpire reviews to get the real feel of playing cricket online. Become a part of the clan preferring this franchise and get the real feel of playing cricket online.

  1. Big Bash Cricket

Another marvel on this list, Big Bash Cricket, offers a cricket simulating interface with a format similar to the T-20 tournament held in Australia. The rules are similar to that of the T-20 tournaments held in India. It has different challenge modes and gameplays such as KFC Bucket Challenge, mini super over, quick play, etc.

As it is the virtual version of the official game, you can find the teams of WBBL and BBL clubs. Its amazing English commentary will keep you hooked throughout an entire game. The best features of this app are easy controls, local game modes, and easy invitation to challenge your friends.

  1. Stick Cricket Super League

Remember the old days when we used to control the stick batsmen to hit the balls from the other end of the pitch on a computer. Well, Stick Cricket Super League is something that will cheer you up by reviving these fresh old memories. It is a significant development of the franchise Stick Cricket where you can earn trophies, practice matches, unlock different stadiums, change player uniforms, challenge other players, and customize your team easily.

Play and win to unlock different exciting features you can utilize to strengthen your team. Unlock and sign players from the top 70 teams included in the architecture.

  1. MSD: World Cricket Bash

This cricket simulator is based on the real-life story of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the former Indian cricket captain. The storyline is based on the important phases of the ex-captains life and career in cricket. This cricket game is on another level as you will play the role of MSD on the field.

Your captaincy and leadership skills will be challenged on the field when you have to control all the features to win a match manually. It is the storyline that makes this game more gripping. You will also bat for Dhoni and play his favorite shots such as square cut, reverse sweep, helicopter shot, paddle shot, etc.

  1. Cricket Career 2016

The name of this game makes it clear that it is a cricket career simulator. The cricketer who will guide you throughout your career is Murali Vijay. This game is quite old in terms of the new ones emerging in the app stores, but the interface is fascinating.

You will experience playing in different stadiums and cricketing formats such as Big Bash, IPL, world cups, and T-20 leagues. During your career, your performance will help you gather points for upgrading your kit, get sponsorships, and buy assets

  1. Cricket Captain 2018

This is a paid cricket simulating game app where you will discover exclusive features to enjoy in a match. It is considered one of the best management games in this domain and is chosen only by serious enthusiasts.

More than 6500 cricketers are present in its database. You can add team members, train them for opening, fielding, and bowling to make your team stronger and better. It has other upgraded versions but the fans prefer playing this one.

  1. Sachin Saga Cricket Champions

This is a great simulation game where you will live and play the role of Sachin Tendulkar. Your career will begin at the age of 16 and will continue for 24 years. The interface contains28 lauded shots that Sachin used to knock the toughest bowlers. You can play different tournaments like Asia Cup, Big Bash, World Cup, etc and compete with other online players.

Wrapping up

You can sense the popularity of cricket in India from the number of users of all these gaming apps. You can become a team manager and control the performance of your team members or play your favorite cricketer’s role and set his career. So choose a cricket app according to your preferences and enjoy the bliss.

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