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Things you should know in Twitch to get more into the gaming world





Twitch was presented as a new feature of Justin. tv, a live streaming website founded by Justin Kan in 2007 with a single 24/7 stream. Six years later, it’s the most popular online site for video game-related material, with over 9.7 million daily visitors.

Each of its users consumes 106 minutes of content every day on average. Twitch is a tour de force in live streaming, with audiences spending a lot of time on the platform, giving it a huge potential for marketers and influencers alike. Twitch may not be as well-known as YouTube because of its concentration on a huge and engaged audience and a developing payment model.

What is Twitch whisper?

Twitch developed the whisper feature to allow users to communicate privately with friends, followers, and subscribers regardless of channel. Twitch users could previously only whisper by inputting their username in a global chat and having their communication publicly exposed, but that has changed. You can send personal messages or messages containing crucial information over the Twitch feed using this one-on-one discussion. Twitch allows you to send a whisper via the website or the Twitch app, making it extremely handy for you to stream and communicate with other Twitch users.

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Having trouble understanding how to whisper on Twitch? Don’t worry if you’re new to Twitch. We’ve got all the tips and tricks you’ll need to whisper on Twitch with ease. This blog has all you need to know about chatting, blocking users, and temporarily or permanently opting out of Twitch whispers.

How to change Twitch name

If you want to alter your Twitch username, make sure it’s been at least 60 days (or two months) since you last did so. If that’s the case, change your username on a computer by following these steps.

  • Select your profile icon from the homepage.
  • Select Settings from the dropdown menu.
  • Scroll down to Profile Settings and look for Username under Profile. You can proceed if it states You may adjust your username underneath your current username. If not, you’ll have to wait a little longer.
  • To the right of your current username, click the pencil icon. A window will appear where you may fill in your desired new username. After you alter your username, you’ll see what your new Twitch URL will look like at the bottom.
  • Select Update after you’ve input the new name. Your Twitch URL and username will be updated as a result.

Twitch will inform you in the update box that after 6 months, your old username will be returned to the pool of accessible usernames. This means that if you decide later that you want your previous username back, you’ll be able to do so because it won’t be made available to others straight away.

How do I watch squad one?

Twitch squad streams allow viewers to watch up to five different streamers in the same window at the same time. While this can be used for a variety of things, including round-table talks and tabletop gaming, the most obvious and widespread application is in team- or squad-based games like PUBG, Fortnite, Apex Legends, and so on. It allows viewers to observe the same action from a variety of views and angles.

On Twitch, searching for streams with the tag “squad stream” is the quickest approach to find squad feeds. You can also simply browse and hope to come across one at random. To go to that channel normally, click on that stream.

There will be a banner on the broadcast page indicating that the streamer you’ve chosen is squad streaming and who they’re squatting up with. In the top-right corner, there will also be a “view squad” button. This will take you to the squad’s live stream page.

The team stream page is similar to having each broadcaster’s video open in a different window, only it’s all contained within one window and you can simply switch between each streamer and their chat.

Because there is no squad-wide communication, you can only chat or cheer the stream that is in the primary (largest) position. You can, however, follow or subscribe to any of the streams by clicking the icons.

Each streamer’s loudness and video quality can be adjusted individually, albeit the sound options may be limited.

From the team stream page, viewers can also follow or subscribe to each streamer individually. There isn’t a “follow team” button or anything that lets you follow all of the streamers at the same time.

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