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How to Create an Imaginary Animal With The Use of Flipaclip?



Imaginary Animal With The Use of Flipaclip:- If you love animation and creating art then Flipaclip is a go to app, and if you are searching on how you can Create an Imaginary Animal With Use of Flipaclip then you must already have this app on your device so let us not waste much time and just give you a short explanation of the Flipaclip app and move to creating imaginary animal.



About the Flipaclip app:-

The Flipaclip is an app that allows you to create and build animations and drawings and you can easily use these drawings for comics and other purposes where Animation plays a vital role, This app is easily available on the Google Playstore as well as the Apple App store and you can easily create various types of Imaginary animals or your own creatures on this app as well, so without further ado let us talk about how one can create an Imaginary animal with the use of Flipaclip.

Step by Step method to Create An Imaginary Animal With The Use of Flipaclip:-

  1. Choose atleast 2 or 3 animals of different kind.
  2. But,First off, Distinguish your skill and imagination level, and if you are very good at imagination and Drawing then you can pursue with more than 2 animals but if you are not so good or a beginner with it then we suggest you just take 2 animals.
  3. Now for example if you’ve taken butterfly and a turtle, Now Put the Butterfly Wings on the Shell of the Turtle.
Use of Flipaclip

Use of Flipaclip

  1. And now from your imagination perspective choose and see what you feel like doing and what you can actually do to Make this Imaginary clip more admirable.
  2. Once that is done give depth to your art by putting in colors and choosing various tools that give a 3D effect to your Art.
  3. Once that is done you can literally create any sort of Imaginary animal with your own imagination within matter of minutes.

Some Tips To Keep in Mind While Creating the Imaginary Animal With The Use of Flipaclip:-

Creating the Imaginary Animal With The Use of Flipaclip

Creating the Imaginary Animal With The Use of Flipaclip

  • You can take use of pamplets and other things to improve your imagination.
  • Check out various animals and make a rough sketch of them and see which body part can be put on which animal.
  • Try swapping the body parts again and again till you find the perfect combinations.
  • Mostly use different colors that the Animal usually has for example if you have an Elephant make sure you do not use Grey or Blue but rather something like Green, yellow or pink would make the art more artistic and admirable.
  • Also keep in mind that the character must look quite charming and unique.
  • And keep practicing you will surely become better.


Flipaclip is a great app for animation and art drawing and today we have learned very easily on how a person can draw an Imaginary Animal With The Use of Flipaclip as this app surely makes things like these a lot easier for people and they can learn a lot about art and imagination with it.

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