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How to Buy the Right Graphics Card for Ryzen 5 3400G



Graphics Card

Graphics Card

Choosing the best GPU for Ryzen 5 3400G is a time-consuming process. To make the best choice, you must read various articles. For the convenience of our clients, our team developed a list of must-have factors for viewing and analyzing a graphic card. These are the critical factors:


For an enjoyable gaming experience, the GPU’s performance must complement that of the CPU. Otherwise, the bottleneck will disrupt your activity, which is often caused by the graphics card’s insufficient performance to the CPU. Every component in the operational state should be in sync.


Identical GPUs from various manufacturers might range in size, just as not all PC cases are the same. Some have a huge or many fan design that takes up more space than your PC allows. These size differences are crucial when installing a full-sized GPU in your PC chassis. When comparing GPUs, it’s a good idea to evaluate your PC clearance as well as the required wire space.


Price is a crucial decision factor when comparing comparable GPUs from various manufacturers. Saving a few hundred dollars on a high-end GPU allows you to invest the savings in other performance-enhancing equipment or features. However, the cheapest option is not necessarily the best one. It is preferable if you make it a habit to buy from a reputable manufacturer and analyze performance differences to determine if the price increase is justified.


GPU manufacturers often boost the GPU’s stock clock by a few percent to improve performance by a few percent. These advantages are often slight, but they assist manufacturers in standing out from the throng. These are often sold as OC or Overclocked variants. You should not base your GPU decision only on this factor since they are often marketing tricks that have no negative influence on real-world performance.

Color and Aesthetics

Our eyes are always drawn to great works of art and inventiveness. Similarly, if we employ well-contrasted color, proportions, and ordered aesthetics, the graphics card will be more attractive. Cards with excellent color and aesthetics will raise the worth of your rig in your thoughts owing to their beauty.

Video RAM

Video RAM is similar to regular RAM in that it aids in increasing the ability of a graphics card to acquire data. Ultimately, this improves working speed and efficiency. To get 1080p visual quality when gaming, 4GB of RAM is necessary. You may upgrade to 16GB or more for a more premium experience and high-quality graphics.


If you are an experienced computer user, you are aware of the importance of cooling and cooling systems in dealing with large workloads. This component is crucial in allowing a graphics card to operate for an extended period of time. Check the cooling system and its precision level to get the most out of your gaming experience.


A crucial component in determining the graphics card and its operating capabilities is the budget. Check if the performance of your card is in line with your budget. Furthermore, the buyer’s reviews are really useful for assessing the real-time card’s user experience. Positive feedback indicates that you should purchase your chosen graphics card.


The manufacturer’s guarantee demonstrates their belief in their goods. Reputable GPU manufacturers sometimes give a 2- to 3-year warranty, which is occasionally extended and transferable via registration. Top GPU manufacturers employ high-quality technology that provides constant performance under duress and lasts longer. It is recommended that you get a high-quality GPU from a reputed manufacturer for your peace of mind.

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