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Foam Board Printing Or The PVC Boards – Which One Is The Best



Foam Board Printing

Foam Board Printing

Foam core, foam board, or even paper-faced foam is a light in weight and attractive sign and poster material, known for its multiple functions. However, most of the time, the foam board is noted for its infinite versatility for all kinds of displays, projects, and signs. Moreover, this printing remains inexpensive, straightforward, and also great to boot.

In case you are looking for advertising prints to last for years, there are few options available these days. You can either opt for foam board printing board using board printing techniques and material, or you can look for PVC board printing. Each one has its own share of pros and cons to deal with before finalizing on the right call.

Addressing the value of foam core printing:

This form of printing is perfect for advertising materials, projects, and signs which do not need any framing help. It is quite economical than most of the other printing jobs as you don’t have to bother about framing hardware. But, if you want, you can frame out the foam core print.

  • The prints will remain printed on the foam board, and the images are likely to stay vibrant for a longer span of time.
  • This form of printing will offer a moisture barrier whenever the image is proficiently laminated.
  • So, there is no need to worry about warping or bowing even if the materials are hung outdoor or displayed for a longer span of time.
  • This solution remains popular because it can be indicated by any foam size and can even display pictures, which are split into four sections from one.

Now for the PVC board printing:

Sometimes noted as Sintra PVC board, PVC board is a new way to print the advertising or marketing materials for signage, businesses, industries, or more. It is highly preferred for outdoor applications as they remain quite durable and well resistant to weather. You can also hire Best PCB Maker for better experience.

  • The PVC board printing options are now available in full colors and for various requests. So, it can be widely used indoor and even for any outdoor purpose.
  • You can use this kind of product as shop signs, yard signs, menu boards, trade show signs, and so much more because of its high-end versatility.
  • This PVC form is light, durable, and also super flexible, to say the least. It is widely made using moderately expanded PVC, which is then extruded in the current homogenous sheet.
  • You can enjoy that lower gloss matte finish with these boards, which will make the prints stay dust-free, easy to maintain, and clean at the same time.
  • Unlike any foam option, PVC boards are now available in various thicknesses and can easily be printed on any side.
  • Such boards will offer fewer glares for its textured surface, and so the signs remain clear. The versatility of these boards makes them cut in different shapes and sizes.

From the discussion above, it is pretty clear that every set has its own characteristics. So, care about that first before taking the final call.

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