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It is an established fact that a VPN is the need of the time! Whether you simply want to stream content online, download/upload (torrenting) content or straight up want to encrypt your personal data — VPN is the answer!

On the other hand, it is totally understandable if you (by chance) are new to technology and don’t know what a VPN is. A VPN —or Virtual Private Network creates an encrypted route between you and an obscure server that it runs. In easier words, it gives you online privacy and anonymity which prevents all unwanted eyes from prying into your personal space by masking your IP address.

Although there are many, in this guide we will review the NordVPN. This is the one of the top VPN services. For a brief comparison you should check VPN Deals.

Let’s get into it:


If you are a tech savvy, chances are that you already know the name! NordVPN is one of the best VPN service providers in a sea of thousands. It has made quite a name for itself in a period of only a few years through its phenomenal services.

Most of NordVPN users have held praises for its state-of-the-art functionality and for the fact that it is available for both Windows and Mac with separate apps for Android, iOS and smart TV. NordVPN provides extraordinary speed that gives you access to everything online within a matter of seconds.

Let’s take a look at some of NordVPN’s exceptional features:

  • A single account can be run on over 6 devices, time to say your goodbyes to weary services that charge for separate devices!
  • It has over 5100+ servers that work in 59+ countries. Wherever you are NordVPN works just perfect!
  • Browsing under NordVPN is the safest way to exist on the internet as its server masks your IP address providing top-notch security.
  • By switching your location to the server of your choice, you can unblock any site you want! This way you can get access to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and almost any other sites including some of the top dating sites. NordVPN without doubt guarantees top security with uninterrupted enjoyment.
  • NordVPN’s phenomenal speed accounts for zero buffering, —meaning uninterrupted streaming!
  • NordVPN has its famous no-logs policy that ensures that your ISP doesn’t possibly monitor your online activity. Privacy being NordVPN’s no. 1 concern.
  • NordVPN has a light browser extension that works with almost all browsers including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and others.
  • For extra protection, you can change your IP address twice so the chances of cyber snooping are minimised!
  • They have a helpline that works 24/7 in case you feel any technical difficulties with the interface but the chances of that happening are almost zero!
  • It has a super easy-to-use interface so almost anyone with even little or no knowledge of tech can easily use it.
  • NordVPN offers pretty good deals that have people swooning over. Thereare a lot of coupons that can be used to avail discount codes but mostly those are scams.
  • If you sign up for a 3-year subscription, you get a 70% discount! Yes, you heard it right!!
  • A 58% and 41% discount on 2-year and 1-year plans respectively.
  • NordVPN also offers a 30-day money back guarantee in case its service doesn’t satisfy you! So you can easily get all your money back within a 30-day time frame afterputting their services to test.

A good VPN service is more than just about money, its about quality. NordVPN has made a name for itself due to its incredible service, high speed and tremendous no-logs policy. It can be used for all kinds of purposes! If you want to access unavailable content like dating sites, want to stream online or upload/download content through torrent, you know just what to do! Don’t forget to make the right choice while looking for a VPN.

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