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To see that Squarespace is the top website builder among all, firstly, we need to compare website builders. It is popular for small businesses like online stores, portfolio sites, and also for blogs. This is the only website builder that competes with WordPress when it comes to blogging.

Squarespace is leading with all the best features among all the website builders but some people are not sure about its pros and cons. But don’t worry if you are one of them beacuse with this Squarespace review you will be able to know if it is your desired website builder or not.




1) Marketing capabilities of Squarespace:

Many people like Squarespace because of its remarkable marketing capabilities. This website builder is worth it because of its email marketing platform. Some of them are:

Promotional pop-ups –

This is a great feature for marketing and promotions. If there is an advertisement or something that you want to tell your viewers you can use this feature so when they open your site pop-up will appear.

Email marketing –

With this feature, you can send emails to your customers directly from your website. In this way you can keep your customers updated, they just have to sign a newsletter to subscribe if they want email notifications from your site.

Connection to social media accounts –

You can give links to your social media accounts too so if your customers want to contact you they could easily.

Social media icons –

What a great feature! You can not only connect with your customers through your social media accounts but to make it a bit attractive you can have site icons too.


You can optimize every page of your website with the search engine of Squarespace.

2) Templates

Templates are the prime feature that you should keep in view while choosing a website builder for you because that is the presentation of your website. When it comes to Squarespace they never compromise on this and have 60 Templates.

Squarespace has a wide range of templates. The best thing is that you can even customize those templates but this feature is available on Squarespace version 7.1.  You can edit your templates however you want to.

You can make a kind of website on Squarespace that has style and presents your brand in the best way because of the customization feature. If the design, style, color scheme, and pictures of your website are not attractive then your website can end up looking cheap.

3) Organizing web pages

Another important thing that should be in any website builder is the easy way of organizing your web pages. Don’t you worry!  Because Squarespace has saved you here too with the feature of the easy organization of your web pages.

Furthermore, you can have up to 1000 pages on this website builder which is a great advantage.

4) Blogging:

Another best thing about Squarespace is its blogging feature. I make sure that this is the only website builder that can compete with WordPress when it comes to blogging. Squarespace also has an Android and IOS app so you can keep blogging from your phone too. What else you need?

In my opinion, this is better than WordPress too because WordPress is good just for blogging whereas Squarespace is not just best for blogging but Marketing too.


1) Pricing:

Squarespace is not too cheap but considering how good features they have their price is reasonable, also they have very simple pricing plans. They cost $12/month.

2) Usability:

This means that editing can get difficult for users on Squarespace. This thing needs to be improved.

The last thing that I would like to mention about Squarespace is that they have an option of Support on their website so if you have any queries you can contact them easily. These are all the features of this website builder that makes it stand out among others.

Hence you can create a beautiful website with Squarespace.

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