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How paraphrasing tools can assist you to improve your on-page SEO



How paraphrasing tools can assist you to improve your on-page SEO

How paraphrasing tools can assist you to improve your on-page SEO

A person working in digital marketing must have come across the term “paraphrasing”. It is rewriting of any article or content.

For better SEO of any content, one must optimize that content. Unique content is essential to improve on-page SEO.

Copied content may harm the website therefore the content should be exceptional and challenging.

For making unique content, one should read the whole article and understand it. After this, he has to rewrite it into his own words.

It demands effort and time. So, to avoid these things one can use a paraphrasing tool.

These tools help to rewrite the article in the best way without wasting the time. They change the whole structure of the article and make it different from the original one.

The best thing about these paraphrasing tools is that

  • These tools increase the readability of the content and make them easily understandable.
  • If the content has a grammar error in it, the paraphrasing tool will remove them all and make them correct.
  • These tools rewrite content that is SEO-friendly and also preferred by Google.
  • A paraphrasing tool increases the engagement of users toward the content by improving the keyword variation.

Best paraphrasing tools

Every paraphrasing tool differs from the other in pricing and features but the working of every tool is the same.

Some tools provide the feature for free while others have paid versions. But every tool is the same when it comes to the working process.

There are hundreds of paraphrasing tools that rewrite the articles for the user so it can be difficult for one to choose the best of them.

Here we have short-listed the best paraphrasing tools that can assist you to improve your on-page SEO.

  • Check-plagiarism

These are free best paraphrasing tools that can help the users to rewrite the content and improve their on-page SEO.

Here we will discuss every tool in detail.


One of the best paraphrasing tools that rewrite the article in a very unique way and make the content different from the original one.

This tool replaces the word and makes it unique without changing the actual meaning of the sentence.

One can boost his writing career by using this tool and write a unique article for him with no waste of time.

Let’s discuss some of the key features of this tool.

  • Accurate
  • Secure to use
  • Free to use
  • Unlimited word count


The results obtained by this tool are unique and accurate. It rewrites the article without losing the main point.

A user can get the most precise result of his content by using this tool.

Secure to use

This tool is very safe to use as the data of the user remains safe in this tool. As the user leaves the website, it deletes all the records from there.

Free to use

The tool is free of cost. There are no hidden charges to use this tool and the users can avail all the features of this tool for free.

Unlimited word count

There is no word limit in this tool. A user can paraphrase unlimited words at a single time without any delay.


This is also one of the best paraphrasing tools that rewrite the article uniquely and make it different from the original one.

This tool is also preferred by the user due to its extra features that are provided for free.

One can enjoy this tool and rephrase his content to improve his on-page SEO. It removes the duplicate sentences from the article and generates them in a new way that is easily readable.

The interphase of this tool is very user-friendly and one can use this tool quite easily without any hurdle.

Here are some key features of this tool that make it a competitor to the best paraphrasing tools.

  • Human-level paraphrasing
  • Keep the original content
  • Multiple languages
  • Quality result

Human-level paraphrasing

This is an AI-based paraphrasing tool that rewrites the article at the human level. This makes the article more readable and understandable.

Moreover, Google also likes such content that can be easily read by anyone. So, this feature helps to improve the on-page SEO and rank content.

Keep original content

While rewriting the article, this tool keeps track and doesn’t lose the main concept of the whole content.

It changes the words in the article but the meaning of that content remains the same in the end.

Multiple languages

This tool supports multiple languages. That means people from every country can use this tool and enjoy its features.

Quality result

This paraphraser generates a quality result that is related to the original content and is easily understandable.


The main function of this tool is to edit the content and describe it differently.

This tool has some extra attributes that make it before other tools and place it among the best tools.

This tool provides a simple interface so anyone can use this tool. Bloggers, writers, students, and journalists, indeed it is beneficial for everyone.

Some of the best features of this tool are

  • No plagiarism
  • Files uploading
  • Free tool
  • Download reports

No plagiarism

This tool provides instant results without any plagiarism. That means it changes the lines into a new structure and makes them different from the original one.

Files uploading

There are two options in this tool to paraphrase. The first one is common in that one can paste his content in the box and paraphrase it.

The other option is that one can also rephrase the content by uploading files in the box. It will directly access the content and rewrite it.

Free tool

This tool is free to use. The user doesn’t have to sign up or register himself before using this tool.

Download report

After rewriting the article, the user can download the files from there in any format.

One doesn’t have to copy the data and then go to other applications to paste it. He can simply download the final report from here.


This tool is also among the top paraphrasing tools that can rewrite the article and change its structure.

It rewrites the article in a valid language. So, it can be easily understandable by the human and google crawler.

This thing helps to improve the on-page SEO of the content.

Here are some key features of this tool.

  • SEO-friendly
  • No sign-up
  • Quick tool


This tool is SEO-friendly as it generates content that is fully optimized and can help to rank it on google.

No sign-up

A user doesn’t need to sign-up for the tool before using it. He can simply use it without getting registered and can avail himself of all the facilities.

Quick tool

This tool saves the time of the users and increases their work productivity. It uniquely rewrites the article in a very short time without any error.


This tool is also one of the best paraphrasing tools due to its extraordinary features that are free to use.

It changes the words of the sentence and makes it different from the original one. It rewrites the article in the best way that can help to improve the on-page SEO.

Here are some key features of this tool that make it reliable.

  • SEO optimized
  • Simple & advanced mode
  • Plagiarism free

SEO optimized

The content provided by this tool is SEO optimized which helps to improve the rankings of the content on google.

Simple & advanced mode

This is the best feature of this tool as it provides two modes to the user before paraphrasing the content.

One mode is simple in which it simply changes the words and adds synonyms there. The other one is the advanced mode.

In this mode, it can change the whole structure of the article and make it different from the original one.

Plagiarism free

The results provided by this tool are unique so there are no chances of any plagiarism in the content.

This SEO optimized to understand the value of unique content thus provides a different one.

If you are looking for the most reliable online rephraser, this tool can be a very handy choice as it is also recommended by the experts.

You can get such amazing features in this paraphrasing tool that will assist you in renewing the old content without making the text plagiarized.

Some of the top features of this online tool are:

Improve the text quality

With the help of this online rephraser, you can enhance the quality of the lines and make them more appealing to read.

Human-like content

The content generated by this online tool is just like human written. It doesn’t use fancy terms in the lines and keeps the lines simple.

Maintain the actual meanings

You don’t need to worry about the intent of the new article as the tool preserves the actual meanings of the text.


To make the content unique and improve its SEO, these paraphrasing tools are quite helpful for the users.

These tools save the time of the user and also give a fully optimized result in improving the on-page SEO and get the rankings on google.

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