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Benefits of Running social media profiles



social media

social media

We assume that social media activities are designed to generate sales, attract customers to premises, acquire B2B and B2C e-mail and telephone contacts, and increase community involvement around the brand. If you are looking for measurable results, the agency that will make your business goals be achieved.

As part of running your Facebook profile, consider it:

  • developing a strategy
  • creating/completing a profile
  • ideas for publications
  • post schedule
  • creative copywriting
  • full graphic support
  • moderating discussions on posts
  • Messenger monitoring

As part of your Instagram profile, you must consider

  • developing a strategy
  • creating/completing a profile
  • database of company hashtags
  • ideas for publications
  • How to schedule Instagram posts
  • full graphic support
  • interaction with other profiles
  • creating InstaStories
  • discussions under posts
  • Direct Message monitoring

We also run personal and company profiles on the LinkedIn network:

  • creating/completing a personal profile or a company website
  • database of company hashtags
  • ideas for publications
  • post schedule
  • full graphic support
  • discussions under posts
  • inMail monitoring

Why should your company be active in Social Media?

Did you know that nowadays, people are entering the labor market who do not know the times without the Internet? This is the so-called Generation Z, distinguished by openness, direct approach, and activity in social media. A characteristic feature of this generation is an excellent understanding of new technologies and digital media. They are conscious consumers whose purchasing potential is constantly growing. Your company’s job is to find them. And not only to them! Don’t forget about Millennials, people born between 1980 and 2000 who are also active social media users.

According to data from January 2019, the number of active users of social media platforms in U.S was 18 million, 47% of the population. Compared to 2018, this is an increase of 1 million. According to GlobalWebIndex, an international market research company, U.S peoples spend an average of 1:45 hours a day on social media.

Social media is a reliable source of information and opinion for many people. It’s worth taking advantage of. Here are five reasons why your business should be active on social media.

  • Your company’s presence on social media increases brand awareness and customer trust.
  • Running a fan page on Facebook, Instagram or a company account on LinkedIn builds a loyal community around your brand.
  • Social media is a form of quick communication channel with the client. Thanks to this, you can quickly solve your client’s problem or answer his questions about your offer.
  • Thanks to social media, you can gain new promotion and sale channels for your products.
  • Interacting with customers on social media gives you knowledge about their needs. Thanks to this, you can adjust products and services to their preferences.

Presence in social media is to bring your company tangible benefits.

How can your company use presence in Social Media?

Running a fan page on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn gives your company many opportunities. Here are 10 benefits you can achieve from your company’s presence on social media.

Running Social Media – what communication channel to choose?

Do you say social media and you think running a fan page on Facebook? The correct line of reasoning. However, know that Facebook is just one of many social channels. As an experienced social media agency, they also communicate via Instagram and LinkedIn. Social media has many platforms and many ways to communicate with your customers. You should keep this in mind and not be limited to just one.

According to a study:

  • only 10% of companies in U.S use more than one social platform,
  • an average Internet user from U.S has accounts on 7 different social media platforms,

How should you interpret this data? Very few companies use social media for communication and customer acquisition. By choosing a company account on Instagram or LinkedIn and running a fan page on Facebook, you have a chance to stay ahead of the competition and gather a community around your company. It would help if you chose the proper communication channels. As an experienced social media agency, they can identify your company’s most effective communication channels.

We focus on running our clients’ business profiles on the Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn platforms. Their potential is enormous. This is best demonstrated by the data on the number of users of these platforms in U.S.

Which communication channel in social media should your company choose?


Running a company fan page on Facebook is almost the responsibility of every company. If you target your products or services to retail customers, Facebook is the perfect channel for promoting and building a community around your brand. Our social media agency will create the image of your company on the most popular social networking site. They will make sure that your company’s Facebook generates likes and comments. The result of our work will also be specific inquiries from potential customers that will bring measurable benefits for your brand.


LinkedIn is referred to as Facebook for business. If your company is active in the B2B sales channel, LinkedIn will help you establish new business contacts. Cooperation with other companies may be in the form of selling products and services or a partnership to expand the group of recipients of both brands. They will make sure that your company profile on LinkedIn attracts contractors and specialists who will want to become part of your company and work for its success.


An Instagram business account is a great place to share visual content. Don’t you know how to run Instagram? The social media agency will give you cool photo ideas for Instagram and they can also help if you don’t know how to schedule Instagram posts. Remember that one picture sometimes says more than a thousand words. A business account on Instagram will effectively attract customers to your website or online store. Instagram is also an opportunity to establish cooperation with other brands and implement a cross-selling strategy as part of a partnership.

Choosing the right social media promotion channel is only the first step to success. The project will also help you in the next stage, developing and implementing a communication strategy.

Why does your company need professional service in Social Media?

Marketing is a strategy game. Here, every move has its consequences. Therefore, it must be carefully thought out. Whether it is about running a fan page, Instagram or LinkedIn account. The basis of your company’s success will be the right strategy. They will create a social media presence strategy for your company, which consists of 3 pillars:

  1. Image – a coherent picture facilitates communication,
  2. Communication – efficient communication stimulates interaction,
  3. I interaction – effective interaction builds the image.

We will prepare a visual identity for your company on social media. Thanks to this, published posts will be graphically consistent. They will ensure that the image in social media is identical to other communication channels.


We will develop your company’s social media communication strategy. They will prepare the content and graphics for the posts. They will plan the frequency of publication of posts. They will define specific communication goals to be achieved (transfer of knowledge, increase in fans, reactions to posts, social media coverage, website traffic, building trust).


We will deal with communication under published posts and liking other profiles. They will reply to comments and redirect interested customers to direct contact with your company (Messenger, e-mail, telephone). In the event of a crisis, They will effectively repel attacks from haters, ensuring the impeccable image of your company.

A monthly report will summarize our activities. Based on which you can quickly evaluate the effectiveness of the chosen strategy. They will be happy to prepare a detailed quote for running a fan page, Instagram or LinkedIn account. Please send us your contact details, and our specialist will contact you conveniently for you. They also carry out advertising campaigns on social media for our clients. Remember that online promotion also includes SEO positioning and Google Ads advertising. Our marketing agency can provide your company with comprehensive image building and climb on the Internet.

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