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Build your business on social media – Selling tips



Etsy and quite a few other social media platforms for business are a rage because they provide unique opportunities to connect with customers and communicate like no other option on the market. However, to make money by selling on Etsy, you will need pro-tips. With that in mind, here is how to make money on Etsy.

Provide top customer service

Our experts want you to know that a quick response increases the value of your business. Do not wait for days to return customer messages. It isn’t trendy or proof that you are a hugeconcern, spending busy hours dealing with business goals. Don’t wake up in the middle of the night to reply, but do within 24 hours. Appreciate your customer with a thank you note to show you are grateful for their business. However, do respect their boundaries and do not send them spammy links or unsolicited messages. Offer discounts for first-time users and make sure to answer all queries and grievances.

Learn to useEtsy conversations

Etsy conversation is an internal messaging system that allows you to connect with sellers and customers within the Etsy network. It is a great way to boost customer experience and build relationships with other sellers. Stick to the internet etiquette of “less is more” when using Etsy conversations. Keep in mind too much can put people off, and too little will de detrimental to your business. You can use the conversation feature to inform about customer listings, answer queries and confirm orders.

International shipping

International business is lucrative. But it might prove to be too difficult for an independent creator when it comes to conducting international shipping. If your items are smaller and more manageable, you should opt to provide international shipping; there is nothing wrong with it. However, you might have to work with independent carriers and service providers with bulky items, which might cost more than the price itself. Moreover, there are government stipulations and permissions that you need to think about as well. So, think about it strategically.

Monitor your stats

You can find your Etsy shop stats quite easily from the “Your shop” button. Etsy shop stats will provide you with several vital metrics and insights for business growth. You will be able to pinpoint high-value keywords and change as necessary. Furthermore, you will also find blog features, see the sales totals and monitor the promoted listings. Insights will allow you to understand critical strategies working and distinguish them from those that need improvement.

Listing variations

The Etsy listing variation is a “filter” of sorts that allows you to present all the available items to the customers. The process is pretty basic, and “listing variation” can be accessed both on the desktop and the handhelds. Variations are vital since it eliminates the process of continuous customer contact to make a selection. Make sure you include price, size, and style variations for your products.

Seasonal Etsy listings

Making the most of seasonal Etsy listings is a great idea to get involved in the festive fervor and flavors. You need to update your inventory, create new products and ideas. Additionally, you can also change the shop banner to a more appropriate one as per the holiday or occasion.

It is vital to keep in mind that Etsy might be a powerful tool, but success isn’t guaranteed when you step into the Etsy world. There is a lot of insight that you need to gather and mistakes that you need to avoid. Etsy is 136th in global rankings and is at the 40th position in the U.S. But simply creating a shop is this popular platform doesn’t mean you can share in on the glory. The answer isn’t as apparent as “there are so many users on Etsy, so any shop will generate traction by simply being on Etsy.” You have to take care of the traffic initiative through your personal and social media branding. If you aren’t paying attention to your branding, then you are doing it wrong.

Here are some of the critical mistakes to avoid while running a business on Etsy.

Mistakes to avoid

You have already put in efforts into the products designing, styling, and R&D. But that is not where the buck stops rolling. You need to understand that as a small business owner, the marketing and the promotion are on you. Of course, a few sales numbers will come from random customers, but ideally, you are looking to develop a situation where customers will log in to Etsy to get to your shop and products.

Here are some of the top mistakes to avoid on Etsy.

Ignoring the features

Etsy has a lot of features to aid the buying and selling. In addition, the platform constantly changes and updates itself. That is why it is crucial to stay on top of these updates. Yes, it might mean you will have to become a bit tech-savvy. However, the Etsy updates and features provide several advantages, and if you aren’t leveraging all, you are missing out big time. For example, a simple feature like the “About me” section is vital and oft-ignored, but it builds interest and authority if used right.

There are two sections to fill in. The first is the “general public profile,” which is the first thing that pops up when someone clicks on your Etsy profile. There is another “profile” section that sellers are encouraged to fill – navigate to the “Your shop > Shop Settings > About Your Shop” section to fill out the details about your store without fail.

Bad writing

Poor copywriting is another severe error to commit. There are many inherent trusts required to commit to an online purchase without having a feel of the product. Most customers like to visualize the product. That is where carefully and professionally crafted features, product descriptions, titles, and meta-tags play a pivotal role. A descriptive copy is just what is advertised on the tin – a concise description of the item to define the proportions, details, and other information that will evoke the imagination and compel to click the “shop now” button.

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