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Affordable Streaming Apps for Android  





We are living in an age where everything is accessible on the go. Contrary to the past, nowadays everything has turned out to be easily accessible For instance, in the past, you had to go to your home to watch your favorite weekly sitcom, a weekly series on weekend.

However, over time, the internet prevailed all over the world, and accessing content became easier than ever. Moreover, the technological and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets made it easier for everyone to watch anything without limiting themselves to a confined space.

In recent times, streaming has overcome cable TV due to affordable prices. Apart from saving yourself from contractual obligations, you won’t get any surprise in the form of additional fees, a hike in price, and equipment rentals.

All you need to do is take care of your high-speed internet, which is widely available throughout the United States offered by different service providers. One of the most reliable and trustworthy is Spectrum español ofertas, which gives you unlimited data and high-speed download.

Now let’s come back to our main topic i.e. best streaming apps for Android. Let’s get started.


Crackle is one of the best platforms for people who are looking for on-the-go entertainment whether it be during the break in the office, sitting for someone waiting, or relaxing on a comfortable couch. The platform is available to stream on multiple devices including Xbox, PlayStation, Android, and iOS.

The interface is great and easy to navigate, which helps you to start watching sport series without any difficulty. The app also offers you to filter results and sort your favorite sport according to the genres. Make sure to install Crackle on your device, if you have no funds to pay for the subscription.


Finding high-quality sport is not an easy task from huge collections and streaming platforms are in abundance which makes it quite difficult. But not anymore when you can find a collection of high-rated and top-notch sport for free on Vudu.

If you are not willing to spend a dime on streaming platforms, then Vudu is going to be the rescuer. You will find a free page from the browse or menu. You can find plenty of free sports and the search is really easy. Moreover, fresh sports are added frequently.

Amazon Prime Video 

Amazon Prime Video needs no introduction and has been quite popular among streaming lovers. The streaming platform also comes with Amazon Prime Services, which can be totally understood by frequent shoppers on Amazon.

Amazon Prime Video is a haven for sports lovers where you can watch NFL, ATP, and Premier League. The streaming platform can be viewed worldwide, which means you don’t have to turn on a VPN. You can also download sports in HD quality and TV shows using high-speed mobile data or WiFi. The app can be operated with Chromecast and allows over a hundred channels. Make sure you install this app and start watching favorite sportsand TV series on the go.


Netflix is one of the best and oldest streaming platforms with a huge collection of sports TV series, documentaries, and originals. Netflix is also one of those apps that offer compatibility on different devices such as smart TV, laptop, Android, iOS, and many more.

Netflix is accessible almost all over the world. Whenever you are feeling bored or don’t have any plan to go out for hanging out with friends, Netflix will be the best cure for all your entertainment cravings. Some of the notable features include a 30-day free trial, which you can subscribe to any of the plans including premium or basic. Moreover, if you are having kids at home, you can also make use of parental controls to protect your kids from viewing inappropriate videos.


HBO Max is set to debut a new adult animated comedy series in 2020, which has already been ordered for a first season of 10 episodes. The show is described as a “smart and subversive take on the modern family.”

The series will follow the life of an “average American family” as they grapple with the challenges of contemporary life. The show will be executive produced by Seth MacFarlane, who is no stranger to animated comedies, having created Family Guy and American Dad!.

HBO Max has not released many details about the show yet, but it’s clear that they are hoping for another hit like BoJack Horseman, which has been critically acclaimed and popular with audiences.

Summing Up

In the era when everything is available with just a tap of the button, you can watch anything on the go having an internet connection. Streaming platforms are the blessings in today’s world when cable providers are increasing the prices and getting a toll on consumers’ pockets. Without a doubt, streaming platforms are the best choice when it comes to saving money and watching quality shows on the go.

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