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3 Examples of When Technology Goes Wrong





Technology has definitely changed the world in the past couple of centuries, and it continues to do so. Any time that new technological advancements appear, humans can benefit. However, there are moments when technology is not going to behave as we want it to, since it’s imperfect, especially early versions of a new concept.

Let’s look at three examples of how technology can go wrong. You can look at these as cautionary tales. They’re no reason to shun technology, but you should at least know that this sort of thing can happen.    

Digital Asset Management Solutions

digital asset management solution is usually a way for you to keep track of things like social media posts, blogs, communications, press releases, and so forth. It’s a smart idea to get one for your business since you can control when and how often you send messages to the outside world. It’s a way that your company interfaces with would-be customers, press members, and even industry competitors.

Still, as valuable as one of these solutions can be, you could struggle to figure out how to use it. You might set one up to send out a press release, for instance, but you accidentally send out an earlier version that you didn’t revise and proofread yet. That could very well send the wrong message about your company.

You might take a new blog live before you have a chance to add any inbound and outbound links or before you’ve inserted some strategic keywords based on SEO research.

The key is to be sure you know how to use your digital asset management solution from Otherwise, it can do your business more harm than good.

Bank Account Passwords

Let’s look at another scenario. It’s Friday, and it’s payday at your job. You get a paper check, and you know that you can use your bank’s phone app to deposit it.

You need to log into your bank account via the phone app, but you can’t remember your username or password. You attempt to log in a few times in a row, failing each time. The account locks you out as a security measure.

Now, you have to call the bank’s customer service line to unlock your account. They put you on hold because it’s a busy day for them. You’re on a lunch break from work as you’re trying to do this, and you can’t get through before it’s time to punch in again.

Now, you’ve failed to deposit the check, and since it’s a Friday, even if you successfully unlock the account and deposit the check on Saturday, you’ll have to wait an extra day or two before you can access that money. That’s bad news if you need that cash urgently for groceries or some other necessity.

This is another example of technology, a security measure, in this case, working against you.

Keypad Door Locks

Here’s a third scenario. You’re a homeowner, and you’ve installed numerical keypads to get into the house and gotten rid of the old-fashioned physical key and lock. This way, you don’t have to carry a key with you, and you can tap in the code to get into the house instead.

Maybe it’s raining heavily, though, and you can’t remember the numerical combination to get into the house. You have to stand there scrolling through your smartphone, trying to find the passcode before you can get inside.

You might also know the passcode, but when you tap it in, the lock makes a whirring noise, but it fails to open. The battery is dying. These locks are generally battery-operated, and you might not have switched out those batteries for several months.

If you changed out the old-fashioned key and lock on both the front and back doors, you can try to get in via the other door. It could be that you’ve worn down the other lock’s batteries as well, though.

It’s not likely that two battery sets will fail at the same time, but it’s possible. You might also have one of the electronic numerical panels that are malfunctioning for some other reason besides the batteries.

If that happens, you may need to force open a window on the ground floor to try to get in. The police might drive past and see you doing it and try to arrest you before you can explain that you’re the homeowner.

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As you will notice, there are tons of ways that technology can turn against you.  

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