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5 Tips for Improving Your Washington Business Internet





Technology is in a constant state of evolution, and the last ten years have seen it push forward with innovation tenfold – devices are tiny, batteries last for days, and everything is extremely fast. However, when the dreaded signal bar drops, the powerful technology feels a little pointless. If this happens in a business, there’s a high chance of extended time offline and missed opportunities to boost takings. Luckily, there are many ways to troubleshoot and solve a network connection, including repositioning the router, switching browsers, and changing service providers.

Authorized Access Prevention

Your broadband can only cope with so much, which is why it may become sluggish if too many people are using it. Therefore, you need to check the settings and ensure public access is restricted, especially for the business Wi-Fi. In some cases, you may need to split your network to create a public and business line – your internet service provider (ISP) can help with this.

Bandwidth Controls

Computers use several services in the background, and some of them don’t need to function all the time. Therefore, if you’re using an app with slow internet, it may be because a different service is monopolizing bandwidth. Luckily, you can restrict background programs by disabling “autorun on startup”.

Use an Agreeable Browser

Microsoft Windows is the default Operating System (OS) for the majority of computers, and it comes with Edge installed as the default browser. However, just like the former Internet Explorer, Edge isn’t the greatest platform out there – the third most searched term on Bing is Google. The best alternatives around are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox Opera, and Apple Safari. By exploring different browsers, you may find one more suited to your network settings.

Alter Router Settings

Before getting into your router’s settings, try changing locations first. Preferably, the router needs to be elevated and open. Therefore, if your router currently sits in a shelving unit, move it away and place it on top. Think of Wi-Fi waves as a torch light – if something is in the way, it casts a shadow.

Your router comes with presets, but it’s easy enough to log in and make changes. However, you need to understand what each setting does before making alterations. If your band isn’t split into 2GHz and 5GHz, we recommend making this change to boost speed. When devices like mobile phones are logged into 5GHz Wi-Fi, they use up unnecessary bandwidth.

Change Your Service Provider

If you’ve tried everything and your current ISP is unable to help, it may be time to look elsewhere.  Search online for a reputable internet provider near me to find names like Gateway Fiber. A new ISP may have a better infrastructure that’s able to provide higher speeds. Additionally, you can explore leased lines, which gives you exclusive access to a line.

Internet drops will happen, but they shouldn’t reach a point of ongoing impact on your business. If network problems persist, try the above tactics and switch ISP if need be.

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