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A Phone Case Showdown: The Different Types of Phone Case Materials, Explained



Phone Case

Phone Case

So you’ve bought the phone of your dreams, and your wallet is feeling significantly lighter. But did you know the average American drops their phone 4 times every week? 

Having a phone case and screen protector is vital to protect your phone, but there are different phone case materials, some more sturdy than others. 

The right phone case can reduce the risk of your fancy phone being shattered beyond repair; make sure you know which one is best for you. 

Read on for the 101 on phone cases. 

Plastic Picture Cases 

The first and most common type of phone case is the plastic case with a picture on it. You can choose virtually any picture on your phone case and even ask for your own photo to be printed onto it. 

From gypsy-inspired arty cases to pictures of your favorite celebrities, there will be a picture phone case that meets your needs. If you want a unique phone case, this is the best option.

However, a word of warning; make sure you buy from a reputable store because you need your plastic phone case to be sturdy enough to protect your phone. 

Biodegradable Cases 

Whether you’re an eco-warrior or just want to do your part for the planet, the best phone case option is a biodegradable phone case. Rest assured that your case won’t end up in a landfill or being burnt into toxic fumes.

Things are less common than basic plastic cases, but they’re worth finding if you want to feel great about your impact on the planet. 

Wallet Cases

If, like most American’s your phone is with you 99% of the time, why not combine it with your wallet? It’s one less thing to think about each time you leave the house. 

Wallet cases have a space for your credit cards and a small amount of cash; the bonus is the flip cover that acts as a screen protector. 

Tough Cases 

Hard plastics are the best phone case materials for manual workers and, let’s face it, the more clumsy of us.

These cases cover each corner of your phone, are shock resistant, and are made of the most rigid plastics to protect your phone from any drops. These cases aren’t as pretty and are bulkier than soft plastic alternatives, but they are the only option if you’re a phone dropper. 

Think the indestructibility of the Nokia’s of the early 2000s, except it’s your iPhone 12 Pro. 

The 101 on Phone Case Materials

You’ve chosen your phone, and now you know how to choose a phone case. Phone case materials provide different qualities, and you must shop for your needs. 

Want pretty? Go plastic. Want eco? Go biodegradable. Want convenience? Go wallet. Want sturdy? Go hard plastic. 

It really is that simple. 

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