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Best Verizon Fios Router Buying Guide [Ultimate Guide 2021]




Buying the best router for fios can be a tough task if you don’t have enough information about the features, that you will have to consider while buying the one. Because it is a technical device, and of course should have a checklist of features that you will need from your upcoming router.

So, here in this post, I will be talking about the verizon fios compatible router buying guide, by which you will be able to buy the best one for you without having a problem. So, if you were searching for the same. Then I would say, you can relax now, just keep reading this post till the end, and I am very sure that you will end up with a complete blueprint, what you exactly need.

So, without waiting anymore let’s have a look.

Best Verizon Fios Router Buying Guide

Wifi Speed – When we are talking about a router, then nothing is more important than wifi speed. Because it is one of the major reasons why we are replacing the default verizon fios router. So, I would highly recommend you to go for a router that can deliver at least up to 1000 Mbps of wifi speed.

However, the rest depends on your requirement, but this is the first point that I want to tell you. If you router can deliver you up to 1000 Mbps speed then you can connect more devices to it to use it without any problem.

Coverage Area – This is the next point that comes to our mind when we look up verizon fios compatible routers. Because how your router going to perform is completely depends on the coverage area.

So, here I would say, find a router which can cover at least 1500 sq. ft. of area. This is the ideal area that a router device should cover. If a router that you are buying cannot cover that much area, then trust me you will have to face a lot of problems later.

Also, if the router you are buying can cover a large area, then you can easily use it either at your home or even in your office as well. So, this point should be in your mind while buying the routers compatible with verizon fios.

Connection Handling Capacity – How many devices you can connect to your router at the same time, completely depends on the handling capacity of your router. Make sure the router you are buying can handle at least 10 devices at a time.

If a router cannot handle that many devices at a time. Then do avoid the machine, because no doubt this will be a smart decision. Because so many other options are available in the market. But being a user, if we are paying for something, then it should be the best.

Otherwise, we are paying for a specific product, so, I would highly recommend you to keep these points in your mind, if you want to buy the best routers for verizon fios. Because these are the key points that a router must have, other than our default verizon fios router doing well.

We need quite more than this, that is the reason why we are looking for the Verizon fios router replacement. So, follow this guide if you want to buy the best for you.

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