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Cybersecurity: What You Need to Know





The business world is always changing, both to meet client demands and keep a competitive edge using communications and logistics. As remote workspaces have become more popular than ever, this recent trend has caused a need for new cybersecurity protocols. No matter the industry, your data requires protection, and this is extremely crucial within the world of marketing. Here, we will look at just a few of the most common issues raised by cybersecurity needs for digital marketers for all their M&A and due diligence needs, as well as some successful new solutions.

Overall Importance of Cybersecurity

Digital marketing is wholly dependent upon the release timing of new information. Whether a product announcement or new services offered by a client, that intellectual property is highly confidential information until a predetermined date. This makes marketers susceptible to hackers and their collaborators, all of whom can benefit from the competition that their clients already face in the legitimate marketplace.

Because of such a wealth of sensitive documents associated with marketers and client correspondence, hackers are familiar with such platforms as WordPress and consumer-grade file-sharing programs like Dropbox and Google Drive. As the use of such services has become so commonplace, to ensure increased security during a merger or acquisition, a different solution is needed.

With so much at stake, modern software platforms like Caplinked have begun to think outside the box, working with third-party security solutions to handle encryption and data protection. Today, new cybersecurity vendors have an eye on both uncompromised security for due diligence and compliance, as well as the peace of mind their clients require when exchanging sensitive information and confidential data during a routine workflow.

Virtual Data Rooms for Secure File Sharing

Digital marketing firms require assured security when exchanging sensitive data with their clients. Intellectual property and fundraising strategies are only two examples of shared data required for routine communications. On a daily basis, digital marketing firms correspond with their clients and collaborators regarding the due diligence process and, depending upon the industry of a given client, such confidential information as M&A transactions (as is common with investment bankers’ marketing needs), real estate data, and private equity solutions. In effect, every client possesses valuable information that requires uncompromised data encryption.

With so much at stake, data security needs have given rise to third-party data room software. For those unfamiliar with the concept of data rooms, traditional physical data rooms can be used for private meetings and the exchange of confidential data. However, as many businesses have integrated remote workflow, the logical solution is the development of virtual data rooms (VDRs), serving the same purpose as face-to-face due diligence, but within cyberspace. For marketers, a secure virtual data room, or “virtual deal room,” has proven the ideal solution for their strategic partnerships.

VDRs for Due Diligence Solutions

In digital marketing, working with a reputable vendor for a secure data room cloud solution can be a major benefit to both you and your clients. For example, the secure platform works the same as such platforms as Dropbox, yet includes innovative compliance and due diligence encryption for all forms of business-critical documents. By using a virtual data room service, you’ll be able to assign an admin full control in tracking all business processes, while clients share strategies and SEO concepts for potential search results, marketing brainstorming, and the finalized data needed by respective legal firms prior to a campaign launch.

With online data rooms, each party (including project managers and team members) can access the uploaded data remotely, entering the virtual deal room while retaining an audit trail for future use. As a key feature, your data room provider also makes it possible for all confidential data to contain dynamic watermarks for additional copyright and ownership security.

For the same reasons that so many financial institutions, investment banks, and private equity firms now integrate virtual data room software into their document management and due diligence process, now digital marketing firms can benefit from the ease of use, expediated responsiveness, and domain authority that modern VDR providers now guarantee. For secure document assurance and the effortless encryption of your marketing materials as a content optimizer, a virtual data room solution matches all the ideals of a traditional physical data room, but with the state-of-the-art cybersecurity technology to match your marketing team’s overall professionalism and creativity in the modern business world.

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