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Difference between Ubuntu and Kali Linux




As in the modern age of IT, stuff has been developed. So, the Operating system is also in the phase of development. One of the outstanding and well-known operating system in the modern age is Linux. Linux has a big family in which it has multiple versions. One of the famous species of Linux is Ubuntu and Kali Linux. Both system are used in laptops .The user must consider this point that while purchasing the laptop that which laptop is best for Ubuntu and which one best laptop for Kali Linux. To elaborate it further, here I can discuss in detail the Linux and Ubuntu. Ubuntu is one of the Linux-based operating systems that belong to the Debian family of Linux. Ubuntu is derived from the African language which means “humanity to others”. One of the best things about Ubuntu Linux is that it is available free of cost and has open-source. It is used for running the best supercomputer and laptop in the world.

Similarly, Kali Linux is also open-source for its users. Users can have this operating system at no cost. It comes with a hundred plus tools of popular penetration testing and ethical hacking and digital forensic etc.

Though Kali Linux and Ubuntu are operating systems there is a difference between both of them. The major differences can be discussed below.

Difference between Ubuntu and Kali Linux:




It was formulated by the canonical.Kali was developed by offensive security
Ubuntu is released on 20 October 2004. While Kali was released in 2013.While Kali was released in 2013.
Ubuntu is user friendly. It facilitates the common user.Kali Linux is less user friendly as compared to the Ubuntu.
Ubuntu is a good choice for beginners and novices to the computer.Kali is the best operating system for those who are familiar with Linux.
Ubuntu is not much organized in this sense.Kali contains hundreds of tools that gear it up to make the security system of the operating system more detailed and updated,
Ubuntu is the best operating system for learners While Kali is particularly formulated for Penetration and tester or hackers.Kali is particularly formulated for Penetration and tester or hackers.
One of the primary differences between both Operating systems is their audience. Web does not entice any specific users except its ordinary user.Kali influences particular strata because of its unique features.
Ubuntu has slow speed as compared to the Kali speedKali has normal speed .
The default username of Ubuntu is RootThe default username of the latest kali is Kali.


To cap it all, with the expansion of new technology the computer and laptop have become mandatory for running the work. For running the operating system of this machine should be updated. For this purpose, Linux has played a vital role. Db and Kali are the famous versions of the Linux family system. These two-operation systems are unique in their own way and providing a facility to their users as per their demand. If you ever need expert help with your programming assignments, please visit this site online.

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