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Do You Know How to Choose a VPN That Suits You Best





In the last year, VPN’s popularity has grown exponentially due to teleworking, but it is not a new invention. On many occasions, we have recommended its use if you have to connect to a public Wi-fi network. In this way, the traffic generated travels encrypted and it is more difficult for a third party to steal confidential information. In this post, we will explain more about this type of network and how to choose the best VPN services.

What Is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is a network technology used to connect one or more devices that allow a secure extension of the local area network (LAN) over a public or uncontrolled network such as the Internet.

This Is How VPNs Work

To connect to the Internet, our mobile, laptop, tablet, and other devices communicate with the router or modem and this connects with the Internet provider. The most common is that we have more than one device connected to the same router with its own local IP. This is a local network, that is, a set of devices connected in such a way that they can share data and files without having to go through the Internet. VPNs can work on different platforms and devices. If you use a Windows PC, you would need a VPN for Windows, but if you use an iPhone, you would need a VPN for iPhone, and so on.

A VPN allows you to create this local network without the need for the devices to be physically connected to each other, but rather to connect through the Internet regardless of their geographical location. It also protects the information that is exchanged, since they establish a “tunnel” or encrypted communication channel between our device and the destination server, and our IP is masked. To utilize the full potential of an authentic proxy or a VPN, you can rely on thepirateproxybay.

Different Types of VPN

There are two types of VPN: remote access VPN and site-to-site VPN. The remote access VPN allows users to connect to another network (be it the Internet or the company’s internal system through a private tunnel that is encrypted.

Site-to-site VPN or router-to-router VPN is used to create a closed internal network where different sites can connect to each other. It is used mainly in corporate environments when a company has offices in different cities.

How to Choose a VPN?

When choosing a Virtual Private Network service there are several options. People generally prefer to try a free VPN, but we recommend trying the free version of a paid service. It is essential, but that we keep in mind a series of requirements to find the perfect VPN service. Let’s see what they are:

– Reputation: To know your performance, it is important to read consumer and professional reviews. It will also help us to know if it is a fake network or not.

– Servers: The more servers you have, the better the navigation will be since the users are not concentrated only in one. In addition to this, if we have closer servers, the connection will be faster and more reliable.

– Encryption: It is important that the VPN service has the highest encryption available, AES-256. This cipher has a higher number of combinations, which makes it a practically impossible cipher to attack.

– Shared IP addresses: the VPN we choose must offer us shared IP addresses, thus adding an extra layer of privacy. Moreover, here is a list of taiwan vpn in case you have been searching for the best options in this regard.

– Data records: the service must expressly indicate that it does NOT keep data records. This will prevent our online activity from being exposed.

– Features: it is important that we choose a VPN that is as compatible as possible with our needs and that best suits our way of using the network.

– Customer service: to ensure that we will be served at any time, it is important that we opt for a VPN service that offers us customer service that is willing to help us with any unforeseen or doubts.

– Free trial: to ensure that it is the best option for us, it is important that we have a free trial. So we will experience its performance and ease of use before deciding to buy it.


Using Virtual Private Networks has great advantages that will help us protect our confidential data. However, not just any VPN will be good for us. Before deciding to use one or the other, it is important that we are clear about our needs and that we test them. There is nothing better than experiencing its features first-hand. And if you ask us, we would definitely recommend iTop VPN, the best free VPN for Windows and any other platform.

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