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Everything you should know about penlight



There are different types of torches and lights we can find in the market today. People these days, prefer to buy small sized LED torches because they are easy to carry. The most popular type of LED light found in the market is penlight. It is easy to carry and affordable. You can do a variety of tasks with a penlight. It is easily available in the online and offline market.

What is a penlight?

A penlight is exactly what you think it is. It is a flashlight that has a body style of a pen. Sometimes it functions both as a pen and a light whereas some are just the light by itself. Penlights are compact and lightweight. Just put it in your pocket and carry it anywhere. People who love reading and writing at night can buy a penlight and get a hassle-free experience.

Benefits of a penlight

  • Easy to carry

Penlights are lightweight and small in size. You can just put a penlight in your pocket and forget about it. A penlight with a pen feels comfortable and natural in your hands. You can use it for writing and signing the papers. If you have a habit of carrying a pen with you, then upgrade yourself and carry a penlight with you. You can buy a penlight with the brightest taschenlampe from the online market and carry it anywhere you go conveniently.

  • Affordable

As compared to other types of small lights, penlights are quite affordable. A good quality penlight can be bought for $50 – $100. Good quality means a penlight that has a pen, rechargeable battery, different light modes, robust build and bright LED light. If you have a desire to buy a penlight, then focus on all these points and then buy the best.

  • Classic design

Penlights are ergonomically designed for easy hand movements. A good quality penlight has a metallic body that looks attractive and classic. It is a combination of timeless design & elegance. It might be a little thicker than an average pen, but it’s still easy to use and carry.

  • Delivers softer light

The light that comes out of a good quality penlight is soft but bright. It gives good visibility in the dark. If you are going camping or hiking, you can simply carry a penlight and use it while reading and writing. An LED penlight would be a better choice because LED gives better light output and the battery runs longer.

The best penlight in the market

If you want a premium quality penlight, then buy Olight OPen 2

( EDC penlight CU. This penlight from Olight has adjustable light modes from 5 lumens up to 120 lumens. This 2 in 1 penlight can be used both as a pen and a light. It gives 10 hours of support once fully charged. It takes only one hour to charge. With an L-type action button, it is easy to operate. You will love its dynamic body structure, bright taschenlampe and design.

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